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emilia talamba

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Emilia Talamba is an Ascension Guide, a Source Energy Channel, and a Human Design Chart Reader.

Her assistance offers Light-Codes Activation Classes, Spiritual Guidance 1:1, Human Design Chart Readings, and Ascension Workshops.

She is open to support energetically and guide, sharing sacred wisdom to those in search, being an anchor of love and light on their paths.



Emilia’s Spiritual Assignment is to Support the Expansion of Christ’s Consciousness and Spread the Wisdom of the Heart.


Ascension Wisdom Emphasizes the Importance of Self-Knowledge, Offering Celestial Tools Given by the Higher Realms, to Allow the Alchemy Between Spirit and Matter to Happen Gracefully.

About Ascension

According to Brian Grattan’s wisdom which was confirmed by the High Councils, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence on August 15-16, 1987, humanity and Mother Earth started to be ready for spiritual adulthood. We started to be open to growth and leave behind the adolescent state.

Since then, we have opened to an intense new level of existence and we started to become aware of other levels of consciousness.

This Ascension portal opened in 1987 and will remain active until 2087. In this time frame, the earthly consciousness is prepared in stages for learning to live as one organism.

The Harmonic Convergence was the starting point of a New Era, the Golden Era of awareness and spirituality. Collectively, humanity and Gaia asked for support and guidance to discover and learn new ways of living in harmony with each other.

Ascension Articles

About Commitment | Causes & Effects

How aware are you of how often you sabotage yourself, your evolution, or your best and most positive timeline?How often you bring into the physical your ideas?How aware are you of the commitment you have to yourself or others?Can you find the link between these...

Be a Conscious Human Being

Being active in the spiritual field for years now, has brought me much wisdom. One of the things I noticed as being part of many spiritual groups, is the lack of acceptance and integration of the earthly aspect of so many. Before my Saturn Return which brought me much...

How Embodied Are You in Your Teachings?

If years ago we were impressed by people who claimed to have contact with other ET Races or by those who have developed spiritual abilities, nowadays everything comes down to one important point. How much have you integrated your experiences. Being spiritual means...

What Love Is?

How often do you project instead of seeing the truth of what it is?How often do you mistake your mental guidance with your soul guidance? During the last years of digging into my unconscious, and connecting with many people from the spiritual community, I learned that...

Embodying the Feminine & Masculine Aspects

“While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All.To him who truly understands this truth has come to great knowledge.”—The Kybalion.  How often do you allow yourself to be still and receptive?How often do you take action, following the guidance...

The End of the War Against the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Humanity was always manipulated to normalize wars, abuse, greed, etc. The matrix system is designed to insert archonic traits, programming the people subconscious mind; the root of all these traits is fear; the fear that is feeding the artificial timeline.  Many...

The Perfection Of The Human Heart

The Majesty that Exists Within us is as Great as the Almighty Divine Source Chandogya - The Upanishad (5000-6000 Years Old Text) “In the fortified city of the imperishable our body, there is a lotus. In this lotus, a tiny space. What does it contain that one should...

Embracing The New

What I am Learning By Living Alone In a New City In the last ten months, I rediscover myself in a whole new way. My entire life changed 180 degrees at my choice, in just a few months, and as challenging this journey was and still is, I am grateful.  I started to...

Acknowledge the Wholeness of God

When you fully recognize your Source as an eternal part of the Infinite Stream of Consciousness, you have only beatitude manifesting in your life.  When you act as a Spark of the Infinite Stream of Love, there is nothing that is resisting you and your wish. When...





A 60 minutes zoom session provides divine insights and unique methods designed to help you release with ease negative memories stored in the nervous system.

From the first session, you will learn to re-write in a state of unconditional love the negative experiences from the past, anchoring love in every memory.

After each session, you will feel more balanced, joyful, clear and aligned with your soul purpose, learning to be a witness of life.



Human Design is a compilation of Science, New Age Philosophy, Genetic Intelligence and Spiritual Knowledge from Ancient Traditions such as Kabbalah, I-Ching, the Chakra System and Astrology.

Human Design has been said by the experts in the field to be one of the most effective deconditioning tools known.

Human Design shows us that we have already come into this world as perfect beings.





The Ascension Wisdom Online Course was created with the support of my Spiritual Guides, sharing the wisdom of the Higher Realms and the angels.

The intention of this course is to share healing tools with those in search, being an anchor of love and wisdom on their paths.