The Message Of God

The message of God is the message of love, oneness, purity, grace, gratitude, and this blog will focus mostly on the path of the Divine Grace. 

Starting with this example, when the sunlight is passing through a piece of glass, we can see with our physical eyes that, that particle of light is splitting into seven colors, the rainbow colors.  Those colors have different vibrations and together they are creating that particle of sunlight which is feeding our entire being. Once we begin to pay attention to nature, we can learn so much. Nature always teaches us but we are trained to function from our left brain or our subconscious mind and we almost behave like robots and it is time for us to open our hearts and to manifest from within divinity, here in this physical world.

What that particle of light is teaching us?
Is teaching us UNITY.

Even if we were born in different parts of the world and different races, although we like doing different things when we start uniting our soul gifts, we can create that beautiful rainbow, that divine particle of light.
Each one of us matters! Each one of us is a piece of the Ascension puzzle, each one of us has something unique that needs to be expressed and shared. Please pay attention to your heart desires and listen to your soul. 

It’s time for us to start taking responsibility for what we manifest in this world. It’s time for us to start creating a reality based on love, freedom, trust, acceptance, abundance, peace and we will create that reality from within. 

We have so much help from the higher realms, they are doing their part, they are helping us and Mother Earth unconditionally for thousands of years, but we need to do also our part which means to raise our vibration, to start loving each other, to start caring about each other, to start acknowledging the fact that we are one and everything is connected and what you think, feel and how you act, you manifest it for all of us.

As above, so below, what is micro is macro.

It’s time for us to take our free will back. We are giving our free will to the system but we can easily see that the system does not have the best intentions for humanity, this matrix is a loop. 

If you are acting as your personality, you will start manifesting the illusions of the matrix. You will start giving energy to the outer world and to the goals that tricked you for bringing you “happiness” and the more you will be attached to your personality/ego/ your name/ your career, the farther you will be from your soul. 

Your soul is that particle of love and when you start connecting with it, you will start feeling love for everything including yourself. You will start having the desire to serve God’s will and to help from that state of unconditional love. 

That’s why it’s so essential to start connecting with your soul and manifesting from there, physical divinity. Our personality helped us in the past to survive in this world. Having our emotional body closed, it was easier for us to survive the wars and the heaviness of this world but this eventually pushed us away from our souls and we start believing that we are that name/personality. 
Lifetime after lifetime we came back in the same loop going nowhere, just being that persona of wherever the system was telling us that we are.

Now, after thousands of years, we have the opportunity to reconnect with that God particle from within and to Ascend together with Gaia. 
So, let’s do it! 

May your soul be eternally blessed in the name of God!