I honor you, Divine Souls.

Dear ones, are you aware of the obvious cross-path that humanity is standing in?

We are in a place in our evolution as a species in which we need to make an individual choice.

That choice can be made from the core of our being, trusting the divine spark that we are, and by doing this, the result will be total freedom, love, abundance, and peace or the other option is to choose from our illusionary self, from the fears that the matrix is selling us, and this will result in living and attracting more fears and suffering.

In the next months, humanity will take a decision, conscious or unconscious, and a separation of the 3d and 5d worlds will be made.

In the next months, humanity is choosing if to continue feeding the fear scenarios or start connecting with their inner divinity and saying yes to love and freedom.

The matrix system always kept us separated from our inner beauty, our inner majesty, making us think or feel that we are unevolved, not important, unloved, but when you open your eyes and you see how many so-called weapons they used against our spiritual evolution, you will start asking why?
Why they are so afraid of us?

You know why?

Because within us, in the core of our being, we have access to the infinite God’s abilities.

Once we start to connect with the Source of our being and raise our vibration, we become powerful.

We become Gods of Light and Love in physical bodies, and we are bringing that high vibration energy on Earth, and they don’t want this, because it will be game over for them.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved watching people; organic people with organic behaviors and when I see them smiling, talking to each other, my heart opens.

Often, I say to myself, “Oh God, how beautiful we are.
How pure, majestic, and perfect we are. “

I can feel and see the pureness of each soul, we are like children, pure, joyful, and compassionate.

We are so compassionate with each other’s, so happy when we meet with our friends, with our dear ones, we are so in love with love, kindness, and goodness. So pure!

When I watch people and I see the goodness of us, I say to myself, that this is something that they can never take away from us.

They can never take the goodness out of us.

They can make us feel low, not important, depressed, or sad until we say enough.

Enough! I am a divine being of Love, my identity is love! I am an eternal part of God and I choose to live in a world where love is the core of every principle or law.

Something powerful is happening with you when you start identifying yourself with that of what you already are, an Eternal Being of Light.

You go out from the victim role, from the hopeless mode where you think you cannot do anything, you go inside, you connect with your Soul, and from that place, you pray, you ask assistance from the Divine, and you start feeling self-empowered, centered, taking your life in your hands, trusting that you are loved and guided.

Only when we are out of balance, we become sick, physically, emotionally, mentally, and in that state, our hearts are closing and the fear is taking control.

In this period of transition, remain centered, meditate, and move your attention to your Inner Self. Our world needs our love. Spread the message of kindness, beauty, love, and gratitude.

See people as part of you, as part of everything that exists. Spread your love and embrace God’s Creation in all types and forms.

Now it is a time where we need to start to identify ourselves with our true essence.

Be Blessed!