Keys to becoming a Temple of Love

In this video, I am sharing divine keys that can help you to live with an open, expanded heart.
It’s time to start connecting with our souls, to live in our hearts, to feel happy and joyful at all times, by taking our free will back.

One person who is living in a state of love is emanating that energy for another 10.000 people.
Imagine if all of us were living in a state of love and joy, the mass consciousness was filled with love, the vibration was raised, and the outer reality was a manifestation of that vibration of love and freedom.

Just Imagine!

The Mental Body | A Deeper Understanding

* Only the first minute of the video has a lower sound quality. *

The purpose of this video is to share with you some key information’s about the mental body to bring awareness of how important it is when we step in on our Ascension path, to have a healthy and clean mental body and to know to make the difference between the Lower mind and the Higher mind.

I will be focusing mostly on the esoteric part of the mental body and I will share with you some main keys regarding this subject, based on my inner wisdom, and from the knowledge of some books which I read.



Beloved souls, I welcome you in this healing transmission to dive deeper into your core, to connect with your feminine and masculine aspects, and making peace from within, with your past, present and future.

The intention of this transmission is to harmonize the divine feminine and divine masculine on all plains of existence with the help of our beloved Mother Mary.


Be Blessed!


Divine Souls,

Can you feel the Love that you are?
Can you see the Light that you are?
Can you access your Soul Ancient Wisdom?
Are you aware of how majestic your physical temple is?

You are an eternal being of love, light, and ancient wisdom, who is resting for a while in a majestic physical temple.

A divine being, connected to the same Almighty Source as everything that exists.

This Divine energy is flowing constantly through you, within you, filling your entire being, nurturing you with love, constantly.

This Almighty energy is what keeps you alive, is what makes your heartbeat, your body to function, your chakras to spin, your mind to create, your heart to love.

Can you feel what a tremendous power you have when you acknowledge and feel the majesty of your being?

Do you understand that you are as Divine as the Infinite Omnipresence Source and you have the power to create divinity from within?

Do you understand why the matrix system is suppressing your freedom to raise your vibration into a state of love, a state of your original blueprint?

Are you aware of what a tremendous power our breath has, our minds, our bodies, our palms?

Our breath is the inhalation of God and the exhalation of love when we breathe consciously.

Our palms have healing chakras, and if we activate them with conscious breathing while sending love into them, we have the ability to heal everything we touch.

Mother Gaia is filled with minerals that are nurturing our physical bodies.

The sun is nurturing our light body.

Prana energy is nurturing our Souls.

We have access to God at every moment.

The ocean of infinite love is available at every moment.

When we forgot to identify ourselves as infinite potential, as divine particles of love with endless abilities?

When we have been started accepting of playing so small, although we are as divine as the entire Creation?

Your soul decided to experience Earth in her raw beauty.
Your soul has chosen to manifest godliness in this physical realm.

Your soul heard the call of God and saw the potential and the unique life on the young planet Earth and he volunteers to support her growth, her Ascension, so you came.

As a soul, you descended from the Higher Realms to serve the Divine, to express your authenticity, to teach by example, and to love all life on Earth knowing that one day, everything will be worth it.

As a soul, from a state of unconditional love, your wish was to spread the love, light, and wisdom of God, in the lower realms, with the intention to remember them of how sacred they are too.

Now, is the time to let our souls light shine brighter than ever.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

If we want to live in a peaceful world, let’s start with ourselves.

If we want to live in a healthier world, let’s heal ourselves.

If we want to live in a joyful world, let’s be joyful always.

If we want to live in a free world, let’s free our minds of all the fears and the matrix programs.

Our soul’s food is love and any small act of kindness can have a huge impact on others.

Be conscious.
Be Light.
Be Love.
Be God.
Be you.
Be blessed. 


Art by unknown.