The Genuine Human Body

The human physical body is a genuine wise organic technology, and the more we learn about it, the more amazed we will be by its unbelievable wisdom. 

By applying the hermetic law “As Above, so Below; As Within, So Without”, we can finally accept scientifically that the universe is a single living organism of interconnected subtle energy fields. The universe is a network of dynamic mutual relationships and we are existing as cells inside, mirroring the macro creation.

The hermetic principle of vibration is teaching us that everything moves, vibrates, and rotates; facts which modern science confirm. This Principle explains that the differences between the manifestations of matter, energy, spirit, result largely from differing rates of vibration.

From the All, which is Pure Spirit, down to the dense form of matter, all is in motion; the higher the vibration, the higher the location in the scale.

We are living in a dense world, crowded with artificial and harmful technology, therefore electro-smog is generated. These things are making the energy fields of the surroundings to rotate and vibrates artificially, anticlockwise. 

Left-rotating fields are destroying the DNA and connective tissue structures, by changing the information given by the water from the cell. All of these are making the nervous system stressed and is consuming a lot of energy. Only clockwise rotation fields can generate healthy matter.

The human body needs energy to survive. This supposed to be obtained from the food and water.

Due to the fact that the environment is filled with toxicity, the lacking of nutrients from the food and the negative information absorbed by the water from the surroundings, our bodies started to degenerate at a young age.

In time, humanity started to normalize being sick, “treating” with artificial pills, only the effects of the toxicity. 

We are complex organic beings and if we want to avoid being sick physically, emotionally or mentally, these habits are essential; drinking clean water, eating organic food, breathing clean fresh air, spending our days in the sunlight. 

Due to our poorly ignorant behaviour on the planet, the radiation generated from all these harmful artificial technologies, mixed with the negative nectoplasma created by our thoughts and energized by our negative emotions, all life on Earth including ourselves, lives as if every day counts to survive.

In a normal world, where technology would affect the environment positively, where humanity would live in harmony with each other, respecting, honouring and caring for all life, our genetics could easily survive at least 150 years.

Our DNA is the main key to live a long, healthy, joyful life. Our DNA is compressed light that is projecting the body, based on the information it is receiving.

Organic food, nature, mediations, sungazing, minerals, are sending positive information to our DNA, and oxygen to our cells. The immune system needs oxygen or nitrogen radicals to destroy cancer cells or germs.

All these positive actions are growing the light quotient which will result in us having more energy, being more healthy, joyful and younger. Loss of light energy causes health problems. 

The lack of information guided humanity in an era of mental, emotional and physical sickness.

In today’s time, we all have the possibility to rediscover ourselves, to rebuild our lives from within, to re-adjust to the new energy, and to honour our divinity.

We can make a conscious decision at any time to support our majestic bodies by loving, caring, and respecting them.

Me, personally, when I started to understand more about the huge impact we have on our health from the choices we have made or we are making, I started to research for finding alternatives for living an organic lifestyle as much as it is possible.
Below I enumerate the healing tools I use that works the best for me intending to support both sides. You, if you are in search of such tools, and the facilitators that are serving their soul purpose.

For organic nutrients and minerals for my body, I am using SunWarrior’s products; they are simply amazing.

For protecting my DNA and my energy field from harmful electro-smog, I acquired devices created based on Tesla technology from Enki Institute.

For beauty products, I always choose organic brands.
For mental and emotional healing I am doing weekly, Yager- Code Therapy.
Yager-Code therapy is a method for removing the roots of any negative experience stored in the mental body.

For accessing deeper levels into my heart, feeling unconditional love and being able to meditate longer, I am having often, sessions of healing and clearing with the angels via &

Luckily, we are living in a period where so many beautiful people are using their soul abilities to create and offer to humanity organic alternatives for living a healthier and joyful life. The power of choice is in our hands.

In the infinite creation of Source are existing endless possibilities.
The only duty we have as representations of the love and wisdom of God is to choose and act with our wise hearts. 
Our hearts will always guide us to make healthy choices for living a life in which the abilities of our souls are expressed.

Be blessed.


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The Path of Divine Grace

What is the Path of Divine Grace?
There are no better words for me, to describe what grace means than the quote of Adyashanti,
“That is grace, the willingness to trust the unknown.”

The path of Divine Grace is the path of trust and truth. 

We are a species trained to act with our lower minds. Because we were never taught to have trust in ourselves and to speak our truth, we end up functioning in alert mode. We are always creating or attracting scenarios in our lives to prove to ourselves that in order to avoid getting hurt, is better not to love or trust.
We build walls of bad experiences around us, with zero intention to dissolve them, thinking that this is the way to live without suffering. The minus of this is that we are not able to feel love or to allow love to flow to us. 

Unconditional Love is the highest aspect of Source. Living disconnected from it is like being thirsty in a waterfall of water.

Trust is the glue that connects everything with everything.
To trust others or God, we must trust ourselves first.
Through trust, we are learning to open our hearts.
Through trust, we are learning to love.
Through trust, we are learning to accept what was, let go, forgive and embrace the new.
Through trust, we are learning from the experiences of each other, without wishing unconsciously to suffer in order to grow.
When we trust, we are functioning at a higher state of consciousness, taking full responsibility for all our experiences that we had or have.

Many of us still hold on to the belief that we need to experience the good and the bad, to appreciate the good.
This belief continues, because for a long time, the Earth existed in the third dimension, which is a density of matter.
Living in this density, we believed in the illusion of separation from Source, and we began to identify with the dense physical creation.

In the last thirty years, the human consciousness started to exponentially awaken, a period of grace started to prepare Mother Earth and humanity for the next phase, named, the Planetary Ascension.
The Planetary Ascension is the willingness of Earth and the human collective consciousness, to begin to vibrate at a higher state of consciousness, as one organism.
For this to happen, we need to learn to trust, love and accept each other.
We need to let go of the old belief systems or programmings such as competition, separation, envy, jealousy, manipulation, or control. The root of all these behaviors is fear.

Our benevolent galactic family, our spiritual guides, the angelic realm, the high vibration light beings, are supporting humanity in this transition by being an example. They are functioning as one organism, connecting their hearts to create a ship with their consciousness, for example. If they would not trust each other’s, this couldn’t be possible. 

The level of trust that they have in others is coming from the trust they have in themselves because they are functioning as Co-Creators, as Causes of their lives, creating together with Source, from the core of their beingness.

The path of Divine Grace is the path that you choose to walk with trust, knowing that the destination is the one which your soul desires the most.
Walk in trust.

Be Blessed!


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Acceptance VS Obedience | Conscious Mind VS Subconscious Mind

Blessings dear ones.<3

In today’s post, I felt guided to write about, Acceptance & Obedience, and how they are connected to the Mental Body. 
Use your discernment and take whatever you feel is resonating with you.

The main ingredient for starting to live a life in a state of acceptance is AWARENESS.
Becoming aware means that you start using your conscious mind for reasoning and interpretation, which will result in you, becoming self-empowered. 

What is Acceptance?
Acceptance is when you take full responsibility for your outer creation.
Acceptance is when you stop fighting; you stop consuming energy by complaining.
Acceptance is when you start making a conscious decision to welcome the present situation, knowing that you have the power to change it from within.
Through acceptance, you start feeling grateful for what you already have.
Through gratitude, you are allowing the aspects of Source to be grounded on Earth.

What is Obedience?
Obedience is when you don’t use your conscious mind for reasoning.
Obedience is when you don’t think for yourself.
Obedience is when you are following the programs of others, of society, of the matrix without asking questions.
Obedience is when you are ruled by the programs installed in your lower mind.
Obedience is when you normalize the abnormal.
All these will result in you having inner fights, by storing emotions as, anger, frustrations, or sadness.

Both of these states of consciousness are connected to the Mental Body.
When we accept, we are using our Conscious Mind, becoming Causers of our lives.
When we obey, we are functioning from our Subconscious Mind, becoming the Effects of our lives.

What is the Conscious Mind?
The Conscious Mind is that part of the mind that can reason and brings to the person the awareness of self.
Metaphorical speaking, we can name the conscious mind, the programmer. 

What is the Subconscious Mind?
The subconscious mind is the recollection stick of all our experiences, thoughts, emotions, habit patterns, imagination, desires. The lower mind is the memory stick that runs whatever type of program is stored.
The subconscious mind will store any kind of information and will manifest anything, rational or irrational.

As an example, let us go back in time, one year ago. At first, when the fear of the virus started to spread, seeing people in the street wearing masks was not normal, but in time, constantly hearing the same program repeatedly, this became normal.
In one year, they managed to program almost 8 billion people in normalizing wearing masks.
How did they manage this?
Constantly spreading through all their sources of information the same message, programming the lower mind.

If more people would have been starting using their conscious minds, they would have asked questions as:
If I choose to save others while drowning myself, is that a good cause?
Shouldn’t the system teach us that only when we have, can we offer?
Shouldn’t the system teach us that self-love is the key if we want to love/protect others?
How I can protect others if I am hurting myself?

Shouldn’t the system teach us to be an example through our actions?
Shouldn’t the system offer us healthy options as solutions?”
When people would have been starting using their conscious minds, they would have pay attention to how they were feeling wearing the masks.
Afterward, they would have started to make research on their own.
Through research, they were discovering that it is extremely harmful to breathe the same air repeatedly.
In the end, they would have understood that the system is guiding them to take care of others while they are suffocating themselves, which in different words means, lack of self-love.

To switch from the Lower Mind to your Conscious Mind, Awareness of Self is the Key.

Instead of complaining about something which is a representation of you having an inner fight, you can find for what to be grateful and this will raise your vibration instead of consuming your energy. 
Everything is energy and if you want to hold more light, you need to act with responsibility regarding all situations in your life.

Learning to switch from your lower mind to your conscious mind, is bringing you many blessings.

• You will learn to assume responsibility for your life.
• You will be willing to accept the present situation, not obeying, accepting to change it from within, by doing your inner healing work.
• You will understand that human consciousness co-creates reality based on what the mind is perceiving as real.
• You will acknowledge the fact that the matrix is projecting what is beneficial for a few into the collective minds, to create for them.
• You will understand that it is an invisible war on human consciousness, and the most important thing is to remain balanced, and in a high state of consciousness.
• You will stop creating darkness through negative emotions.
• You will accept that the best way to feed the organic timeline of love is by starting to take care of your energy.
• You will start feeling gratitude.
• You will be having a stronger connection with the Higher Realms, asking for support and guidance.
• You will trust God’s plan.

I wish this article was helpful.

Be Blessed.


The Path of Self-Responsibility

Dear ones, I have written a few of my insights about the importance of taking responsibility for our lives, and about our beautiful but unique spiritual journeys.

We are living in a period where most of the social media platforms are used for spreading knowledge or experiences.
The downside of this is when people are giving advice from their lower self consciousness.

They have had bad experiences in the past, so they are advising from their wounded lower self point of view, those who are freshly awakening and ask questions.

Without integrating our experiences, without taking full responsibility for what we have allowed in our lives, without taking the lessons from those experiences and forgive those chapters, without acceptance, we will act unconsciously as victims. Giving advices from that angle is dangerous.

More people are waking up and they are searching for guidance, and you, the one that supposedly is awake have the responsibility to support those in search, from a place of unconditional love.

It is important to understand that our souls chose to learn different things through different methods; our souls chose to transcend different patterns stored in our lower mind in different ways, and each one of us has a unique path to walk. Yes, our goal is common, to reunite with God and to anchor his divine aspects in our physical reality, but we don’t need to do it in the same way.

No other advice is better than, “Connect with your feelings, your heart, ask assistance from the Divine, listen and trust your inner guidance.”

It is therapeutic to share our experiences, especially those that are not so pleasant, and some, feel guided to share them on their online platforms; if you are doing this, it is good to do it from a place of acceptance, sharing the wisdom you have gained, without spreading fear or insights that are separating even more the human consciousness.

We all are choosing to believe in different things knowing that there is only one truth, LOVE.

By assuming self-responsibility, we discover that no one has power over us, so, our inspiration will be shared from a place of inner growth. We will remind them, that if someone hurt us from the outside, it has always been a mirror of how we have treated ourselves, and that we attracted that hurting through others to notice that we hurt ourselves.

Of all aspects that need positive change in the healing of human personality, nothing is more important than the increase of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

Now it’s a period, like never before, to heal, let go, forgive, and embrace our full potential which is our Divine God Self.
The ascension path is an ongoing process. It does not happen in one breath.

In one breath we can fully realize that we are God, but this must be grounded in this physical plane.

Spread the message of kindness, of goodness, of beauty, purity and grace, because our essence embodies these aspects.

Be blessed.


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Hello, dears. <3

These are a few of my insights about Artificial and Organic.

What is Artificial?
Artificial is everything that is created without Source Consciousness.

• GMO food, products.
• Artificial substances, heavy metals, heavy food that absorbs energy from your body and gives negative information to your cells; based on that information your DNA is developing.
• Chemical products.
• Non-Hexagonal water; water treated poorly.
• Harmful Unconscious AI Technology.

• Fears. The wounded ego. Unhealed patterns.
• Illusions that manifest artificial realities into your life.
• Division through different belief programs.
• Negative emotions, behaviors, or thoughts; will be reflected in your aura.
• Thinking you are a savior of others, of the planet (you will be surprised how many people are stuck in their illusions thinking that they are above others, or that they are the saviors of humanity and the planet); this type of behavior is a toxic mental body which leads the individual to create more suffering and darkness, due to the lack of acceptance.
• The other pole, thinking that you are a victim, or behaving like one, unconsciously; waiting for someone to save you.
• Meditation only with the mind, with zero-high vibrational feelings, such as gratitude, love, joy; this type of meditation will connect you with Artificial Beings.

What is Organic?
Organic is everything that is created with Source Consciousness.

• Clean food, drinks, supplements. Organic substances that are giving Prana energy to your body and positive information to your cells; based on that information your DNA is changing, activating, expanding.
• Hexagonal water; water treated consciously, with love.
• Technology created consciously based on the cosmic laws such as sacred geometry technology, which has healing properties to your being and sends organic-healthy information to your cells.

• Integrating your experiences.
• Openness to healing.
• Openness to learning new things.
• Conscious behaviors.
• Feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness.
• Trusting your divine inner guidance.
• The healthy ego; accepts his physical reality and allows the Soul to guide his existence.
• Knowing that we are equal but unique, divine sparks of the same Source.
• Acceptance for working in unity, and openness to learning from each other.
• Taking responsibility for your outer creation.
• Self-Empowering.
• Creating a reality based on love and God’s aspects.
• Feeling one with Source, through feelings of gratitude and love; will connect you with the Infinite Organic Source and the Higher Realms.
• Practicing awareness.
• Practicing mindfulness.
• Practicing feeling love.

Each day you choose through your acts, thoughts, words, emotions, to be more connected to Source, more organic, or more artificial. Our cells are receiving information 24/7. Based on the information they are receiving, the function of your bodies is made.

Now, be honest with yourself and look at your reality.

Are you the same person as a year ago?
Do you practice old knowledge or rituals just because you were trained to do so, but are not fulfilling your soul authenticity?
Do you follow “Guru Beings” who are living artificially but you are too much attached to their beliefs?
Are you stuck in the same loop?
How much do you feed your artificial timeline?
How much do you feed your organic timeline?

We live in a period where everything is transforming amazingly fast, and we supposed to expand our consciousness constantly. We suppose to heal, to grow, to learn new things, to let go of the old, and embrace the new.
The Infinite Creation of Source is expanding constantly.
Expand your Consciousness.
Choose Love.

Be blessed.