Stay True to Yourself

Dear Light Community,

It’s time for us to graduate to the next level. The level where we are creating our new timeline from the center of our hearts. When we are grounded in our hearts, we are connected to the quantum field of all that is, and only from that place, we can manifest the virtues of God into the physical. 

When we use only our minds in our daily spiritual practices or mass meditations, because our mind is dual, we manifest the positive and the negative. That’s why it’s essential to start opening our hearts and manifesting from the centre of our being, the heart qualities, into the physical. 

It’s time for us to be open to learning and discovering new teachings about what is going on within us, around us.
It’s time for us to stop following blind people, limited therapists or fake gurus.
It’s time for us to be more responsible. Nothing happens in the world that you don’t have a responsibility for. 

When you work with Light you have a huge responsibility for the energy that you are channeling, as well as when you guide others. Not wanting to see or welcome other perspectives or refusing to see people as they are is accepting living in limitations. 

Just being focus either on holistic healing, or spiritual healing, without integrating them both, again is choosing to limit your evolution. Both of them must be integrated into your center.

Your inner child and your higher self. Your higher chakras, and your lower chakras. When you are starting to heal and integrate your inner child, you are preparing a clean environment for your Soul to descend into your 3D Self. Just jumping stages or living in mental illness of waiting for an outer source to “save” you, will not take you further on. 

Remember that you don’t have power if you don’t feel or have love. The creations process requires love. Whenever you go from love to fear, you lose power. 

The definition of fear is the absence of love, the same as the definition of darkness which is the absence of light.

There are only two emotions that are creating realities. Love/Light, which is of the spirit, the true essence, and Fear which is of the personality ego-self, the subconscious mind, the lower self.

Stay true to yourself and your path.



Set Yourself Free

The victim traits stored in our subconscious mind and expressed through our actions, thoughts, or emotions are deeply rooted in the collective consciousness. We all have been victims at some point in our lives and it is a survival mechanism for many to justify their life experiences.

It is important not to remain in this pattern or to jump to the other extreme, the savior trait. The source of these two polarities or personality traits is obviously unhealed trauma.

Of all the aspects that need positive change in the curing of human personality, nothing is more important than the increase of self-responsibility. The lack of self-empowerment, the lack of self-responsibility, the lack of self-love, or the lack of self-acceptance, are staying as barriers between us and our divine potential.

Start to identify yourself as your Divine Self, the Sacred Spark of God that you are. When you are doing this, you become observant of your thoughts, emotions, experiences, without identifying yourself with any of them.

When you are doing this, you are using your conscious mind to observe and to connect to your lower self, from a balanced place, without judgment, accepting your past experiences, searching for healing tools to integrate both of your selves, your Lower and Higher Self.

I have noticed that there are so many cases where people are focusing only on meditation, anchoring high vibrational energy into their consciousness and although this helps a lot, not addressing the roots, the causes of negative patterns from their lives, will block their spiritual growth much, because they refuse to integrate important parts of their lower self that will help them become mentally and emotionally free.

No matter how much light you are downloading into your daily spiritual practices, if you are mentally or emotionally ill, that light will be consumed at the time of any trigger.

Set Yourself Free. Choose to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.




The Rebirth of Gaia & Humanity

We chose to live in a period of transition from black to white, from separation to oneness, from matter to spirit. This transition is a major shift that started to be integrated in 1987. Can you feel the change? Are you open to it?

Mother Earth and this part of this galaxy started to vibrate at a higher level, at a more accelerated rate, because of Gaia’s wish to Ascend into a higher octave. This has created a passage for Earth and humanity to step into the fourth dimension and above. 

Until very recently, humanity and the Earth were not enough spiritually developed to receive high vibration light codes from Source.

In the past there was not sufficient light on the Earth; she and humanity were vibrating at a too low rate so the Light from the Source could only reflect a bit onto the planet.

According to Brian Grattan’s wisdom, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence on August 15-16, 1987, humanity and Mother Earth started to be ready for spiritual adulthood. We started to be open to growth and to leave behind the adolescent state; we opened to an intense new level of existence and we started to become aware of other levels of consciousness.

Spiritual maturity can be compared to a person’s physical evolution of when a person becomes an adult. When we become adults, we begin to act with more responsibility and most of our focus and energy is going towards building a foundation that will exist until the end of our lives. 

We start to be self-empowered, more aware, more realistic about who we are and what we like doing, more focused on how to bettering our lives, letting go of unnecessary dramas. Collectively, this is what is happening right now.

 The Harmonic Convergence was the starting point of a New Era, the Golden Era of awareness and spirituality. Collectively, humanity and Gaia asked for support and guidance to discover and learn new ways of living in harmony with each other. 

With this intention set, the inner transformations started. Every aspect of our beingness, micro or macro started to change and will continue to change until our Ascension. 

The way I feel and see this immense collective transformation is like a birth of a new generation of conscious spiritual beings. The gestation process is an uncomfortable transformative development, in which the new mother has to adapt to the daily changes she is experiencing in her body. Then comes the birth, where she goes through intense pain and the only thing that makes her feel ready and powerful to give birth is the unconditional love she has for her unborn baby. After the birth, when her eyes met the eyes of the baby, she knows that everything was worth it.

We know that everything that we are experiencing collectively right now is worth it; we know that the potential that we all have is beyond anything we were taught to believe about ourselves; we know that love is the key towards total freedom and peace; we all know deep within the core of our being that everything will work out for the bettering of all life on Earth and beyond.

Although we are still in the gestation period and patience is required now more than ever, we can still feel the love for our unborn baby and we can visualize him holding our hand. 

Even though we still have to integrate the uncomfortable, the daily transformations that seem endless, the situations that make us feel trapped, the wounds of separation, abandonment, unworthiness, or betrayal through the power of love and forgiveness, for us to be able to connect with the Source of Love from within, the result is very much worth it.

The inner healing practice is a process that must take place consciously in the consciousness of each person to be able to rise above the victim role and to step into his infinite potential. 

When a person has chosen to begin the process of healing deep wounds, he chooses to rewire the “collective mind” and the deeper he goes within himself, the deeper the healing is for him and the collective.

Although the healing process is a continuous inner transforming journey until his Ascension, his life is greatly improved after the dissolution of the heaviness he unconsciously was carrying. His heart is aligned to the heartbeat of Source, which makes him a focal point of where divine light and divine love are descending on Earth.

He becomes a causer, a creator of beauty, love, peace and joy, so he is supporting gently the rebirth of humanity to be tender, and less painful.

Choose to heal for yourself and all life on Earth and beyond.

Choose to forgive.

Choose to love.

Be blessed,


The Seven Spiritual Initiations

The process of the Spiritual Initiations is described by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul in many different books through his disciples or channelers, and it is important to know that all the Ascended Masters graduated these seven initiations.

The intention of sharing this divine wisdom is to guide you to look within yourself and see if you have passed these lessons on your path to union with God.

In my opinion, the explanation of the seven initiations can be used as a point of inner reflection, and as a beginning point to a greater engagement to your spiritual path.

In the past, to pass from one initiation to another was a long time, even a whole lifetime and now we can pass through all seven initiations in this lifetime, becoming pure light beings, becoming Ascended Masters.

During the process of initiation, the aspirant’s body is exposed to higher levels of energy, corresponding to the level or degree of initiation the aspirant is taking. With the inflow of that energy, the student would become conscious on a higher level. 

At the seventh initiation, all the aspects of God of all seven levels of consciousness are directed through the body, from the lowest grade to the highest. The aspirant, hence, is allowed to become conscious of all seven levels of consciousness. 

Without the proper training, a student who had not been prepared properly within their nervous system and consciousness would spontaneously combust, from the higher levels of energy at the seventh initiation, but our spiritual guides, our Higher Selves, our Monad, are having an overview of our spiritual growth and how much light we can hold.

During the initiation process, all unconscious fractions of the soul become conscious. The importance of each initiation is to master that force through God-consciousness and spiritual gifts. 

 The God-realized Being manifests and controls all seven levels of creation but identifies oneʹs self only with the seventh level. 

The first initiation is the level where we start learning to transcend the physical body needs.

We start taking care of our physical bodies. We start eating healthy, we start being aware of what we use on our bodies, in our bodies. We start letting go of attachments that were poisoning our body, like alcohol, drugs, smoking, chemicals, GMO food, or other addictions.

When you step in on your Ascension path, the first initiation has a lot to do with cleaning the physical body. 

This initiation can be named metaphorically “the ground” where we prepare to plant our tree. The ground must be clean, full of minerals and nurtured if we want our tree to grow fast, beautiful, strong, and to offer tasty fruits.

The second initiation is the level where we start learning to transcend the emotional body reactions.

In our subconscious mind, we stored all the experiences that we had and all the traumas; if we didn’t release them, our emotional body will function from the emotions that we stored and suppressed in our lower mind. 

After we graduate from the first initiation, we start being aware of our inner shadows. We start searching for healing tools that can help us heal and release heavy traumas that have negative emotions attached to them. Mostly, this initiation is the healing of our inner child and our other selves from this lifetime or from other lifetimes, by going to the cause of the stored emotions.  This level represents the integration and the acceptance of our not so pleasant experiences, by planting seeds of love and forgiveness into our lower mind.

This initiation is one of the hardest to pass because the releasing process can be painful but the price is extremely worth it.

I want to mention that the opening of the lower chakras is as important as the opening of the higher chakras.
I noticed that so many people wish to open their third eye mostly, but healing, nourishing, and expanding the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, is essential. 

The key to a tree that stands still in a strong storm is the root.

In these lower chakras are existing many blockages because they are connected with our survival and animal instincts, and living in an environment where we have constantly fought to survive, created many fears which are stored there.

Each chakra represents an aspect of God, and we must integrate, balance and master all aspects of God.

For example, the root chakra can be blocked by the fear of surviving, and the key to open this chakra is to embrace the abundance of God because God is infinite abundance.

The third initiation is the fusion of your personality with your Soul. You start allowing the soul to penetrate your four-body system. This level is simply beautiful because you are still behaving as a 3D personality, as a human being, but at the same time, you have access to channel this divine energy, which is your Soul.

You begin to listen to your feelings, your intuition, to have more trust in yourself, and most importantly, you begin to regain your divine will by learning to identify yourself as an Eternal Divine Being of Light. At this level, your light quotient is growing, and you will manifest easily, having more flow in all aspects of your life. 

The main objective for you will be to expand your consciousness to greater levels by meditating and praying daily, for long periods.

It will take time for the total fusion of your Soul with your personality to happen until your Soul sits on the inner throne and after you pass this level, the others will manifest much faster as your heart opens and becomes easier for you to allow the process of inner alchemy to manifest.  This initiation is such a wonderful experience because we are conscious of our inner growth.

In the first two initiations, we let go of all the matrix programs, traumas, etc., and in this third level, the tree starts to grow. 

 We start feeling the smell of our essence. We begin to surrender to the divine guidance, we start accepting what is happening in our lives, we start understanding that everything in our life is a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions and we start taking responsibility; we will change everything that is not divine in our reality, with our conscious free will.

At the fourth initiation, your Soul is anchored into your 3D personality and you start serving the Divine Will of God with love and grace, by starting doing your divine mission. You are in contact with your other multidimensional selves, your spiritual guides, the angels, God, and their guidance is respected. 

You will emanate unconditional love. Every act of yours will be guided by the Divine. You will begin to become a Master of the Self. When you are at this level, everything that you are doing is just manifesting love. You are a temple of Love and Light and with your soul gifts, because your vibration is unconditional love, you will manifest and attract love, everything in your life will be love. You will identify yourself as a Divine Eternal Part of God, feeling the oneness of everything that exists and through the power of compassion, you will guide and help those who are searching for guidance.

At the fifth initiation, you will become your Monad, The I AM Presence. At this level, you hold a huge amount of energy, and most of the fears are dissolved. You are forever connected with Source and you have an overview of the bigger picture. 

I would like to mention that each initiation is created in a way for you to be able to hold more light when you have less fears. Because fear or negative emotions create darkness and consume a lot of energy, only by mastering our thoughts, emotions, actions, remaining focused and in a state of gratitude, we will graduate into the higher octaves of infinite potential.

Also, when you have more energy, you will manifest faster, so what will happen if you are fearful of dying bitten by a snake, for example? You will manifest that fear. This is the reason that in our 3D reality exists time between an intention and the manifestation of it. In the higher realms, the creation is happening instantly because those beings are creating from their center God Self.

The telepathy and the opening of the third eye can happen much sooner. At this level, you start becoming pure light, 99% light, and you will be able to teleport, to levitate, to be in multiple places at the same time, to manifest instantly.

At the sixth and seventh initiation, you are identifying already as a God Being. You are having all the God’s abilities back.

You will be eternal. At these levels, all the fears are cleaned and all that you are is Eternal Love. 

What can be more beautiful than merging with God until we become our true identity, Divine Beings of Love?

We are living in this divine time when the planet decided to Ascend and we can do this with her. 

So many souls want to have physical vessels to participate and live in this period and you are here. Take advantage of this!

No matter how chaotic the outside world may seem now, many things are happening without us being aware of them and we have the power to change this fear-based reality, from within by co-creating our future together.

We can pray, visualize and feel love for each other’s; we have access to infinite wisdom and we have the most important power within us, LOVE. Only the fear is attracting that reality which we don’t want.

Be love and love will be around you. It’s such a beautiful blessing to live in this period.

It is a huge fight until the fourth initiation between the personality/ego and the soul because the ego was trained and programmed differently than what the soul is. 

It is essential for you when you start this process to be aware and let go of all toxic environments, people, relationships. 

When the seed is planted in the ground when she starts growing, the outer world can influence her growth so much and a toxic environment will make her grow slower.

Just let go of everything that you don’t need anymore and once you start raising your vibration, you will manifest healthy environments, soul-connected people, divine experiences. 

No light being will ever judge you by doing this, only the personalities of certain people but those personalities are not real; only the soul is real so what those personalities are thinking about you it doesn’t matter because is just an illusion; their souls are admiring you for your courage to step in on this divine path. 

Have trust, patience and open yourself to the infinite blessings of God.

Much Love,


The Splitting of the Soul | Causes & Effects

Many of us asked at least one time, what is the purpose of life or why the reality on Earth is full of suffering and discord? 

Why the human beings have forgotten the true purpose of life and why in their eyes God’s great light shine less and less?

Our reality was shaped artificially for thousands of years with the purpose for benefit only a few, and more and more people are waking up, starting to integrate the truth. 

They managed to shape and manipulate our reality by keeping us in a lope of suffering, wars and fights. Once the vibration has dropped, all life on earth began to lower its vibration in a 3D state of consciousness. The third dimension is a realm focused on the physical surviving; in this reality what matter is what we are able to see, taste or touch.

Our souls are living in a state of Christ Consciousness which is a realm of pure love, above our 3D personality. The soul and the 3D physical body is linked through a silver cord.

The soul can be seen as a sphere of energy. It is an eternal focal point from where the Monad, your I Am Presence, which is your eternal essence, is pouring its wisdom. The I AM Presence is your original blueprint; the I AM Presence is always connected to the Infinite Source of Love and is existing forever. 

Whenever you channel through your heart, feelings of peace, joy, gratitude, love, the cord between your soul and your 3D vessel is widening, and the connection to your soul is stronger. Your decisions, actions, experiences are in alignment with your soul, which means that you choose to exist on the organic timeline of the Universe where everything just IS, where the karmic cycles are closed, and suffering, disease or separation are not existing.

On the other side, because our souls are spheres of love and they can “understand” realities only from that vibration up, whenever we are acting negatively, the cord between the soul and the physical body is becoming thinner.

When this is happening, there is a lack of energy in one of our four-body. When we lack energy, mentally, emotionally or physically we are sick. Living in sickness is pushing the soul even further from the body because that is a totally different environment for him than the one in which he exists. 

We can embody our souls only when our 3D Self is vibrating at the same rate as the soul which is unconditional love.

When a person is experiencing traumatic events, that ball of love is splitting.

When those pieces of the soul are separated, up to 8 angels are in charge to take care of them. Nothing is lost, but the effects can be felt immediately.

Some of the effects are deep sadness, losing motivation instantly, or anger.
The people that are causing suffering to others are those who suffered the most. They are completely disconnected from their soul and because they were not informed about the sickness in their aura, they just continue on that path of self-destruction.

In situations when you experienced traumatic events it is extremely important to have a clairvoyant energy healer that you trust and that can clean, heal your aura, and restore the soul parts. It is taking up to three days for the cracks in the aura to be completely healed and in those 3 days, wrong decisions can be made that are creating other karmic loops.

We are more complex than what we have been taught to believe and when we get to know more about the complexity of our beingness, we have the power to attract solutions when we found ourselves in difficult situations. 

When we are not informed, we are not focus to search for solutions because we don’t know that a problem exists. 

The intent behind this article is to emphasize the importance of having a clean and healed aura, a high vibration, and to take care of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Much love,


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