Be a Conscious Human Being

Be a Conscious Human Being

Being active in the spiritual field for years now, has brought me much wisdom. One of the things I noticed as being part of many spiritual groups, is the lack of acceptance and integration of the earthly aspect of so many.

Before my Saturn Return which brought me much maturity, responsibility and humbleness, I liked to name myself in the spiritual community a Priestess, a child of God, a Sirian galactic goddess, a lightworker, a Starseed, etc. Although these names hold truth, there was no space left for the earthy Emilia, and Saturn helped me the most with this, learning to integrate, accept and love my earthly aspect. 

I noticed often that in most scenarios, when someone is identifiying more with his/her Star Origin than his/her Earth origin, most of the time is because of an inner rejection of an experience that happened in this present lifetime.

The multidimensional aspects of ourselves are helping us to acknowledge our full potential, but we still need to learn to operate in this 3D reality and to accept our lower selves.

I have witnessed many scenarios during many spiritual workshops I attended or organzied where many people were disconnected from their earthly aspects in such a way that the film “Inception” fits the description I want to express in this posting, best.

In the higher dimensions, we are all amazingly beautiful, but in the end, it all comes down to the action in everyday life and how much are you embodying your Higher Self into your 3D life.

From my point of view, I noticed that one of the main barriers to being open and willing to integrate the lower self, is the lack of acceptance.

The lack of acceptance is the resisting energy that is not allowing you to be receptive, to learn new things, to be flexible, or open to admit when you are wrong.

This energy is an aspect of the wounded masculine and could be embodied by both females and males; the wounded masculine is an energy that controls, only gives, cannot listen, cannot be present, believes that she/he know everything.

At the core, we are all transformers of energy but how can we transform our shadow aspect into wisdom and love, if we don’t even want to acknowledge its existence?

Because we are in the spirit of the holidays, I challenge you to be aware when you are with your earthly family or your dear ones; be aware of what emotions are surfacing, how much acceptance and love you feel for them, what do you still wish to express, etc. Be aware and don’t reject your lower aspect; this is what religion did to humanity for aeons, and nothing good came out of it.

Your earthly family, friends, partners, are your lessons, your blessing, your reality. You are a human being, here, now.

The real healing is happening when we are accepting all the fractions of the self, not only what is making us feel special.

The wisdom gained from being reincarnated on Earth in this time of Ascension holds tremendous power, and the benevolent ET beings wish to learn from us as much as we wish to learn from them.

Be a conscious human being, there is a great service in doing just this!

I wish you joyful holidays and much love,


Pic by Claudia Kristine