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Hello, dears.❤

May your day be filled with peace and love.
Remember to stay in your power and anchored in your heart as you carry out your daily activities.
Take advantage of the energy of today’s New Moon, go inside, and consciously manifest your soul desires.
Connect with your inner child.
Embrace your inner child.
Remember that everyone is doing their best from the level they are.
Be grateful.
Ask for God’s Blessings for the people you meet today.
Be a torus of love.

This is a beautiful prayer that remembers you to remain in your power during the day.

“The Source of Divine Wisdom I do cognize in myself and find it in One as the Divine manifestation of myself.
Having learned the Responsibility, I manifest, fortify, radiate and expand the Divine Truth.
Love is flowing lightly and joyfully through me, revealing itself in Trust to the Divine Flow.
I am complete in my core for I am indivisible.
I am Light, Light begotten of Light, presented and manifested with Love.
I realize my Divine Nature and uncover the Creative Origin.”

Be blessed!