about ascension wisdom


Ascension Wisdom is a Mystical Portal of Divine Intelligence Created to Activate Divine Light Codes in Your DNA, supporting you to embody gracefully your earthly design.


Ascension means the manifestation of the Divine in this physical reality, through every action, word and thought-form.

Ascension is the reconnecting of humanity to the Almighty Source.
The conscious decision for starting to transmute the fears represents our willingness to dissolve any barrier that is staying between us and this sacred reunion.

Ascension means the inner alchemy between Spirit and Matter.
Ascension means the descending of the higher chakras into the lower chakras, anchoring our Higher Selves into our 3D personalities.
Ascension means activating our light body.
Ascension means inner conscious spiritual journeys.
Ascension means the transformation and development of the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental body, through the power of love.
Ascension means activating our spiritual abilities.
Ascension means consciously identifying ourselves as unique Sparks of the same Source.

Ascension Wisdom is a Mystical Portal of Divine Intelligence Created to Activate Divine Light Codes in Your DNA and to Support You on Your Self-Discovery Journey.

Ascension Wisdom will help you to expand your consciousness, get to know your unconscious storage, offering you keys to unlock your DNA so you might follow your sacred design and your soul assignments.


About Emilia Talamba

Ascension Guide


Emilia Talamba is an Ascension Guide, a Source Energy Channel, a Human Design Chart Reader, and a Gene Keys Student.

Her assistance offers light-codes DNA Activation Classes, Private Sessions, Human Design Chart Readings, and Ascension Workshops, to support the spiritual path of those ready to step on it.

She has been initiated into the Mystery Lineage of the Rose Priestess, named also the Sisterhood of the Rose. The Priestesses of the Rose created a sacred mystery school of ancient knowledge, and the rose represents the sacred feminine consciousness.

The teachings of a Rose Initiated consisted of various exercises that had to be practiced daily, for years, to be able to embody daily the Goddess energy.

As a guide of Romania’s Sisterhood of the Rose, she was sharing everything she was learning and practicing in the weekly physical gatherings she hosted.

Emilia is working closely with Mother Mary, having a strong channel to her.  Mother Mary is the archetype of the Divine Mother and her energy is the consciousness that we can use for healing the wounds of our inner child.

Because her spiritual practices developed after she started to integrate the wisdom of the angels in her daily practices, her present work is sharing divine knowledge about the sacredness of humanity when we raise our vibration, expand our consciousness, and open the portal of our heart, functioning as one organism, and allowing the Source of Love to flow through our heart portal.

Part of her work is to support the expansion of Christ Consciousness, spreading the wisdom of the heart.

She is open to supporting those in search energetically and guide, sharing sacred wisdom and being an anchor of love and light on their paths.