How aware are you of how often you sabotage yourself, your evolution, or your best and most positive timeline?
How often you bring into the physical your ideas?
How aware are you of the commitment you have to yourself or others?
Can you find the link between these questions?

What Is Commitment?

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to this trait, doing more research and digging deeper into my subconscious mind to bring to the surface some of its effects.

For me, commitment is a branch that develops from the vibration of trust. When you commit yourself to something, you invest your energy into that thing, therefore you have faith that it will work out.

Being committed to yourself is equal to having trust in yourself. When you are committed to yourself, your growth, your expansion, naturally you are committed to others; you are easily following your words, bringing into the physical your ideas, your wishes.

People will instinctively feel safe around you because they will feel the embodiment of self-dedication; feeling safe around others is essential for healing deep wounds; only when we feel safe, accepted, worthy, we can fully open to intimacy and experience its magical nectar.

When you lack commitment, you lack trust; if you do not trust, the investment you are willing to make for yourself or others is halfway, therefore you are in a state of avoidance.

If you’re honest and start asking yourself questions like, “Why am I lacking commitment?”, “What’s the fear behind this?”, you are ready to bring to the surface shadow aspects of yourself which usually are stored into your subconscious mind since you were a child.

According to many professional therapists, behind the fear of commitment is the fear of making decisions, fear of being cornered or losing something. 

When you let your life be guided by the fear of commitment, your investments are constantly half, therefore the results will be exactly the value of the investments you are contributing.

Another negative aspect of the fear of commitment is the trait of always being in control and having prepared an escape plan, avoiding personal responsibility. This trait is developed because in your life you have experienced relationships that were about control, not love. 

When you feel in control, you know that you have the power to put a part of yourself or a situation on hold and no one can do anything about your firm state.

If you truly embody the knowledge that you are the Cause of your life and that you have chosen the unpleasant experiences for a reason, there is no energy left to feed unconsciously those timelines from when you were once a victim.

When we begin to act as Causes of our lives, we begin to become responsible adults, knowing that we have the power to end any negative cycle or to say NO to any negative experience that our mental body has become accustomed to and normalized.

Being responsible is a trait of a person who has matured in all bodies, not just one. Through this deep maturity, the person frees himself from toxic mental conditions, trusting that his higher consciousness guides him to create the harmonious reality he desires.

Having trust and taking 100% responsibility for our lives are incredibly and almost unique traits in a society accustomed to living in constant anxiety and fear of being betrayal.

Be a beacon of these qualities that are deeply lacking in the collective consciousness. The rest will follow.

Much love,


Pic by Claudia Kristine