Blessings dear ones.<3

In today’s post, I felt guided to write about, Acceptance & Obedience, and how they are connected to the Mental Body. 
Use your discernment and take whatever you feel is resonating with you.

The main ingredient for starting to live a life in a state of acceptance is AWARENESS.
Becoming aware means that you start using your conscious mind for reasoning and interpretation, which will result in you, becoming self-empowered. 

What is Acceptance?
Acceptance is when you take full responsibility for your outer creation.
Acceptance is when you stop fighting; you stop consuming energy by complaining.
Acceptance is when you start making a conscious decision to welcome the present situation, knowing that you have the power to change it from within.
Through acceptance, you start feeling grateful for what you already have.
Through gratitude, you are allowing the aspects of Source to be grounded on Earth.

What is Obedience?
Obedience is when you don’t use your conscious mind for reasoning.
Obedience is when you don’t think for yourself.
Obedience is when you are following the programs of others, of society, of the matrix without asking questions.
Obedience is when you are ruled by the programs installed in your lower mind.
Obedience is when you normalize the abnormal.
All these will result in you having inner fights, by storing emotions as, anger, frustrations, or sadness.

Both of these states of consciousness are connected to the Mental Body.
When we accept, we are using our Conscious Mind, becoming Causers of our lives.
When we obey, we are functioning from our Subconscious Mind, becoming the Effects of our lives.

What is the Conscious Mind?
The Conscious Mind is that part of the mind that can reason and brings to the person the awareness of self.
Metaphorical speaking, we can name the conscious mind, the programmer. 

What is the Subconscious Mind?
The subconscious mind is the recollection stick of all our experiences, thoughts, emotions, habit patterns, imagination, desires. The lower mind is the memory stick that runs whatever type of program is stored.
The subconscious mind will store any kind of information and will manifest anything, rational or irrational.

As an example, let us go back in time, one year ago. At first, when the fear of the virus started to spread, seeing people in the street wearing masks was not normal, but in time, constantly hearing the same program repeatedly, this became normal.
In one year, they managed to program almost 8 billion people in normalizing wearing masks.
How did they manage this?
Constantly spreading through all their sources of information the same message, programming the lower mind.

If more people would have been starting using their conscious minds, they would have asked questions as:
If I choose to save others while drowning myself, is that a good cause?
Shouldn’t the system teach us that only when we have, can we offer?
Shouldn’t the system teach us that self-love is the key if we want to love/protect others?
How I can protect others if I am hurting myself?

Shouldn’t the system teach us to be an example through our actions?
Shouldn’t the system offer us healthy options as solutions?”
When people would have been starting using their conscious minds, they would have pay attention to how they were feeling wearing the masks.
Afterward, they would have started to make research on their own.
Through research, they were discovering that it is extremely harmful to breathe the same air repeatedly.
In the end, they would have understood that the system is guiding them to take care of others while they are suffocating themselves, which in different words means, lack of self-love.

To switch from the Lower Mind to your Conscious Mind, Awareness of Self is the Key.

Instead of complaining about something which is a representation of you having an inner fight, you can find for what to be grateful and this will raise your vibration instead of consuming your energy. 
Everything is energy and if you want to hold more light, you need to act with responsibility regarding all situations in your life.

Learning to switch from your lower mind to your conscious mind, is bringing you many blessings.

• You will learn to assume responsibility for your life.
• You will be willing to accept the present situation, not obeying, accepting to change it from within, by doing your inner healing work.
• You will understand that human consciousness co-creates reality based on what the mind is perceiving as real.
• You will acknowledge the fact that the matrix is projecting what is beneficial for a few into the collective minds, to create for them.
• You will understand that it is an invisible war on human consciousness, and the most important thing is to remain balanced, and in a high state of consciousness.
• You will stop creating darkness through negative emotions.
• You will accept that the best way to feed the organic timeline of love is by starting to take care of your energy.
• You will start feeling gratitude.
• You will be having a stronger connection with the Higher Realms, asking for support and guidance.
• You will trust God’s plan.

I wish this article was helpful.

Be Blessed.