When you fully recognize your Source as an eternal part of the Infinite Stream of Consciousness, you have only beatitude manifesting in your life. 

When you act as a Spark of the Infinite Stream of Love, there is nothing that is resisting you and your wish. When you wish for perfection and stop acknowledging any power outside of Love, your life is improving amazingly fast. 

You will remain an effect, a pawn in the chessboard of life, living in sickness, lack and limitation as long as you continue to believe and give energy to a reality that is less than the wholeness of the Eternal Consciousness because the choice of living in alignment with Source or living in imperfection is deliberate.

The wholeness of God is perfection, bliss, joy, unconditional love, forgiveness, oneness, acceptance, bliss, youth, abundance.
When you start to embody these aspects in your daily life, then you know that you are starting to allow your God Self to create your reality. 

You alone choose which aspects you wish to create in your world.
You are the main character of your life.
Your God-Self is the only one who is energizing your life.
Whatever you feel, think, give energy to, part of your life force goes out to sustain those thoughts, feelings, belief programs.

You are a Creator and if you desire to express God’s perfection you need to recognize only the Almighty Source as real.

Make no distinction between your Divine Self and the Source of Light and Love.

When you are doing spiritual practices, always remember that you are God doing the practices, you are God’s brilliance leading energy; it is your sacred texture, God texture that is being stimulated.

God exists everywhere; you are an eternal part of the Great Source of Love and Light which is the Self-consciousness of life. With the realization and integration of your Divine Self, walk gracefully in your earthly life, and create godliness from the core of your perfection.

Much Love,