About Commitment | Causes & Effects

About Commitment | Causes & Effects

How aware are you of how often you sabotage yourself, your evolution, or your best and most positive timeline?
How often you bring into the physical your ideas?
How aware are you of the commitment you have to yourself or others?
Can you find the link between these questions?

What Is Commitment?

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to this trait, doing more research and digging deeper into my subconscious mind to bring to the surface some of its effects.

For me, commitment is a branch that develops from the vibration of trust. When you commit yourself to something, you invest your energy into that thing, therefore you have faith that it will work out.

Being committed to yourself is equal to having trust in yourself. When you are committed to yourself, your growth, your expansion, naturally you are committed to others; you are easily following your words, bringing into the physical your ideas, your wishes.

People will instinctively feel safe around you because they will feel the embodiment of self-dedication; feeling safe around others is essential for healing deep wounds; only when we feel safe, accepted, worthy, we can fully open to intimacy and experience its magical nectar.

When you lack commitment, you lack trust; if you do not trust, the investment you are willing to make for yourself or others is halfway, therefore you are in a state of avoidance.

If you’re honest and start asking yourself questions like, “Why am I lacking commitment?”, “What’s the fear behind this?”, you are ready to bring to the surface shadow aspects of yourself which usually are stored into your subconscious mind since you were a child.

According to many professional therapists, behind the fear of commitment is the fear of making decisions, fear of being cornered or losing something. 

When you let your life be guided by the fear of commitment, your investments are constantly half, therefore the results will be exactly the value of the investments you are contributing.

Another negative aspect of the fear of commitment is the trait of always being in control and having prepared an escape plan, avoiding personal responsibility. This trait is developed because in your life you have experienced relationships that were about control, not love. 

When you feel in control, you know that you have the power to put a part of yourself or a situation on hold and no one can do anything about your firm state.

If you truly embody the knowledge that you are the Cause of your life and that you have chosen the unpleasant experiences for a reason, there is no energy left to feed unconsciously those timelines from when you were once a victim.

When we begin to act as Causes of our lives, we begin to become responsible adults, knowing that we have the power to end any negative cycle or to say NO to any negative experience that our mental body has become accustomed to and normalized.

Being responsible is a trait of a person who has matured in all bodies, not just one. Through this deep maturity, the person frees himself from toxic mental conditions, trusting that his higher consciousness guides him to create the harmonious reality he desires.

Having trust and taking 100% responsibility for our lives are incredibly and almost unique traits in a society accustomed to living in constant anxiety and fear of being betrayal.

Be a beacon of these qualities that are deeply lacking in the collective consciousness. The rest will follow.

Much love,


Pic by Claudia Kristine

Be a Conscious Human Being

Be a Conscious Human Being

Being active in the spiritual field for years now, has brought me much wisdom. One of the things I noticed as being part of many spiritual groups, is the lack of acceptance and integration of the earthly aspect of so many.

Before my Saturn Return which brought me much maturity, responsibility and humbleness, I liked to name myself in the spiritual community a Priestess, a child of God, a Sirian galactic goddess, a lightworker, a Starseed, etc. Although these names hold truth, there was no space left for the earthy Emilia, and Saturn helped me the most with this, learning to integrate, accept and love my earthly aspect. 

I noticed often that in most scenarios, when someone is identifiying more with his/her Star Origin than his/her Earth origin, most of the time is because of an inner rejection of an experience that happened in this present lifetime.

The multidimensional aspects of ourselves are helping us to acknowledge our full potential, but we still need to learn to operate in this 3D reality and to accept our lower selves.

I have witnessed many scenarios during many spiritual workshops I attended or organzied where many people were disconnected from their earthly aspects in such a way that the film “Inception” fits the description I want to express in this posting, best.

In the higher dimensions, we are all amazingly beautiful, but in the end, it all comes down to the action in everyday life and how much are you embodying your Higher Self into your 3D life.

From my point of view, I noticed that one of the main barriers to being open and willing to integrate the lower self, is the lack of acceptance.

The lack of acceptance is the resisting energy that is not allowing you to be receptive, to learn new things, to be flexible, or open to admit when you are wrong.

This energy is an aspect of the wounded masculine and could be embodied by both females and males; the wounded masculine is an energy that controls, only gives, cannot listen, cannot be present, believes that she/he know everything.

At the core, we are all transformers of energy but how can we transform our shadow aspect into wisdom and love, if we don’t even want to acknowledge its existence?

Because we are in the spirit of the holidays, I challenge you to be aware when you are with your earthly family or your dear ones; be aware of what emotions are surfacing, how much acceptance and love you feel for them, what do you still wish to express, etc. Be aware and don’t reject your lower aspect; this is what religion did to humanity for aeons, and nothing good came out of it.

Your earthly family, friends, partners, are your lessons, your blessing, your reality. You are a human being, here, now.

The real healing is happening when we are accepting all the fractions of the self, not only what is making us feel special.

The wisdom gained from being reincarnated on Earth in this time of Ascension holds tremendous power, and the benevolent ET beings wish to learn from us as much as we wish to learn from them.

Be a conscious human being, there is a great service in doing just this!

I wish you joyful holidays and much love,


Pic by Claudia Kristine

How Embodied Are You in Your Teachings?

How Embodied Are You in Your Teachings?

If years ago we were impressed by people who claimed to have contact with other ET Races or by those who have developed spiritual abilities, nowadays everything comes down to one important point.

How much have you integrated your experiences.

Being spiritual means being self-conscious about your light and your shadow, being present in this reality, being non-judgmental about current situations, accepting the flow of life, being aware of your stagnation and evolution, having the willingness to observe and embrace in love those aspects of the self that are fractured.  

We have begun a cycle in which it is no longer enough to just know.
We all know so much! Now is the time to embody the knowledge.

Knowledge and integration have different vibrations. Knowing things about healing does not mean you are healed.
Integration is a process where we glue each fractured part of our consciousness; we can do this only after we notice, accept, forgive, love and transform each wounded part, into love.

Many people are preaching.
Many people are accessing wisdom from the internet, books, or other realms.
Many people are connecting or communicating with different beings from different dimensions.
Many people know a lot about “n” topics, and it’s wonderful, but in the end, it all comes down to how you behave with those around you; how you shape your reality; what you are allowing into your life; if you learned to set up healthy boundaries; if you are still acting from old toxic patterns, and how much you are present within a day.

Many people are expanding their mental body, filling it with knowledge, and neglecting their other bodies.

To achieve total integration, balance, and inner peace, we must learn to balance, purify, and listen to the four lower-self bodies, simultaneously. Each of our lower bodies has unique abilities and messages from our souls; accessing and connecting with each body means we choose to use more of what God has given us.

As the New Moon approaches, I suggest you to use this energy for introspection and releasing, asking yourself questions such as:

What are my deepest fears? Why?
What unconscious patterns do I wish to release?
Can I integrate the end of relationships?
Can I forgive? Did I forgive myself? Did I forgive others?
How much depth and truth can I share from my heart?
How much have I integrated the wisdom I spread?
Am I present with myself and others?
Is my heart open enough to connect with others from that place?
How profoundly can I feel?

Ascension means the alchemy of the human aspect through the energy of the spirit.

When we are embodying the spirit into the human form, we are acting in full integrity with ourselves and others, being intimate and open to offer support to others without the wounded aspect attached. 

What Love Is?

What Love Is?

How often do you project instead of seeing the truth of what it is?
How often do you mistake your mental guidance with your soul guidance?

During the last years of digging into my unconscious, and connecting with many people from the spiritual community, I learned that being flexible, receptive, accepting, trusting, being equal to others, filtering out any type of information, and not taking personally the projections of others, are essential keys to keep walking on my ascension path with the head up and my heart open.

From my experience, I have noticed that in the spiritual community, people are much more rigid, having constant doubts when you approach them with love. When I started this spiritual journey, in my eyes, the spiritual community was the self-conscious community, and it took me a long time to understand why so many people were taking decisions, unconsciously, from the vibration of fear, although they were using words such as “love and light.”

Even though my soul guided me to attract situations from which I had to transcend karmic patterns, I noticed that in fact, only a few people embodied the energy of trust and acceptance in their consciousness and accessed their intuition rather than their mental body programs.

Because many people from the spiritual community started to be aware of the truth of the world in which we live, at the same time when they started to be aware of their inner shadow self, discovering that they are also multi-dimensional beings, I noticed that there is a great inner conflict.

This inner conflict is taking the joy out of their life, making many think that the salvation of the world is in their hands, therefore their focus is on one aspect, disconnecting themselves from the flow of life. This inner conflict can be reflected in different ways. 

Below I listed the traits I noticed the most:

• Lack of trust
• Lack of joy
• Lack of health
• Lack of responsibility
• Lack of commitment 
• Inability of being playful
• Inability to access the intuition
• Inability to access the truth
• Projecting rather than integrating
• Creating ideas about someone without allowing yourself to feel his/her intentions or energy 
• Believing that you are constantly attacked by darkness
• Seeing and putting yourself above others
• Building up walls around your heart, from past experiences 
• Searching to rationalize the feeling of love
• Giving more power to your Lower Self, than to your Divine Self
• Thinking that many want to hurt you.

One of the most common patterns I have noticed in people from the spiritual community is the inability to allow themselves to be loved. Although they can speak or write beautiful things about love, they are stuck in an unconscious cycle of attracting situations that are feeding an artificial narrative about love.

Many of us don’t have any role model of what love is or how love should be expressed in any type of relationship. We have experienced deep wounds in regards to love relationships and unconsciously, we are still confusing love with infatuation.

In my eyes, love in a healthy relationship should be easy.
Love is a beautiful harmonious dance.
Love is accepting the other the way he/she is. 
Love is trust.
Love brings out the best in others.
Love is when you hold space.
Love is when you give space.
Love is the energy that gives and nourishes.
Love makes you feel safe.
Love is giving a part of yourself to the other in full trust that he/she has your best interest.

Love is a vibration that in the beginning should be embodied by yourself in order to have a glimpse of how love is truly feeling. Afterwards, it can be easily expressed and offered to your dear ones without having expectations.

If we, the conscious ones, are emanating more love into the crystalline planetary grid and fewer projections onto each other’s, the organic timeline can be stabilized much faster.

We are the keepers of the divine truth and it is our duty to live as much as possible in a state of love, being open to attracting healthy relationships in order to become role models for the new generation, showing them through our actions what love is.

Choosing love over and over again is bravery.

Be open to love and be loved.

Much love,


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Embodying the Feminine & Masculine Aspects

Embodying the Feminine & Masculine Aspects

“While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All.
To him who truly understands this truth has come to great knowledge.”
—The Kybalion. 

How often do you allow yourself to be still and receptive?
How often do you take action, following the guidance you receive in your stillness? 

Your outer creation is constantly mirroring which energy, feminine or masculine, is more dominant in you.

When these energies are balanced within you, your life becomes an endless stream of divine qualities.

You will begin to embody a deep sense of trust, allowing the stream to flow wherever it is needed, with no intentions to control its movement.

It is a fine line between learning to surrender ourselves and learning to take action. The source of these two energies is TRUST. Both energies should be rooted in the intention to accept and listen to God’s guidance.

God’s guidance has nothing to do with religious programs; God’s guidance equals your soul’s guidance, the guidance of your divine eternal self. Your soul encompasses both of these aspects; the feminine and masculine energy, even if one of them can be more defined than the other.

When the soil of our being starts to be nurtured and fertile, our soul begins to discharge its essence into it; therefore, the inner alchemy process begins and it will end when the soul is completely anchored into our 3D structures.

During this process of inner alchemy, we will oscillate often, experiencing both polarities, until we get stabilized and anchored to the quantum field of oneness.

A person who is completely centered has reached a level where he/she has managed to unify through the power of love, his/her Higher Self with his/her Lower Self, functioning as a complete being. The Higher and Lower Self are portraying the feminine and masculine energies.  

A person who is completely centered has reached a level where he/she is functioning from the conscious mind, where both of the brain hemispheres are unified and connected to the heart.

There will be no more attachment styles such as dismissive-avoidant, fearful-avoidant, anxious preoccupied or personality traits such as the savior, the victim, the empath or the narcissist, into his/her consciousness. 

A complete person will embody traits such as equality, humbleness, acceptance, love, wisdom to see the bigger picture, the ability to see the truth in each situation and person.

You can begin to embody both polarities in your being through intentions, colors, sounds, conscious breathing, shadow work.

You will recognize how much you embody the qualities of your soul, by being aware of your daily attitude, by noticing how present you are within a day, and by what actions you have towards yourself and others, daily.

Embodying the soul is a process that will be over when its qualities will radiate in every aspect of your life.

Be true to yourself.

Much Love,