The Perfection Of The Human Heart

The Majesty that Exists Within us is as Great as the Almighty Divine Source

Chandogya – The Upanishad (5000-6000 Years Old Text)

“In the fortified city of the imperishable our body, there is a lotus. In this lotus, a tiny space. What does it contain that one should desire to know it?  As vast as this space without is, the tiny space within your heart, heaven and Earth are found in it. Fire and air, sun and moon, lightning, and constellations. Whatever belongs to you here below, and all that doesn’t, all this is gathered in that tiny space within your heart.”

If we will start to embody the divine truth and the wisdom of the heart in our 3D templates, we will be nothing less than Gods and Goddesses walking on Earth. The majesty that dwells within us is as great as the Almighty Eternal Source.

First, to be able to access the depth of your heart and see, the heart requires darkness in the room. When you enter the first time into the heart, it’s always black and you have to use intention to get the light. The light that you see and feel inside your heart, it’s a non-polarized light. 

When I am entering my heart, I can feel at first electricity; everything is vibrating, moving. The feelings are what guide me deep into my heart. It’s good to know to make the difference between FEELINGS and EMOTIONS
The FEELINGS are generated by the heart.
The EMOTIONS are generated by the mind. 

You can experience the beatitude of your heart, only through the power of feeling. When you feel, you are there; connected to the Almighty Stream of Consciousness, downloading into your 3D template, divine love.

When you start thinking, you stop feeling, therefore you switch the connection to the mind. 

The feelings are generated from the quantum field of oneness and are not polarized; the source of feelings is Unconditional Love. 

The emotions are generated from the mental body, therefore they are polarized; the source of emotions is the experiences stored in the subconscious mind.

When you get into the heart, the first thing to do is to ask for light; when you get the light, feel the vibration that’s in there.
If you are doing this and read the “Genesis” afterwards, the first paragraph, you will understand and embody Genesis’s wisdom on a deeper level.

Another important point for getting into your heart is that you must have that vibration, that electricity, within you.

An easy lovely way to embody the vibration of the heart is to connect first with the heart of the world, sending love to Mother Gaia. You love her, and she sends her love back to you, and you can feel it.

Afterwards, without breaking that connection, you connect to the heart of the Sun; you send love and feel his love coming back. As well, feel the love between them both. When this connection is settled, the threefold flame of the Divine Mother, Divine Father and Divine Child is formed. 

When you are doing this, you connect with all the rest, and it puts a certain vibration in your spirit that is the key that opens the door that allows you to enter into your heart.

Emotional trauma can stop you from entering, that’s why it is important to dissolve layers of fears stored in your mental body.

If we practice entering our hearts daily, we strengthen the connection with the Source, more and more. In time, we manifest wonders in our reality, that we cannot comprehend with the mind.

Everything we need and more is in that sacred place; once humanity is starting to access and embody the truth of the heart, humanity is ready for the next step on the Ascension Path.

To move forward on this divine path, the heart is the way. Embodying the wisdom of the heart is the ultimate goal for re-becoming our Eternal Selves.

I wish for you to find your way towards the Kingdom of God.

Much Love,


Embracing The New

Embracing The New

What I am Learning By Living Alone In a New City

In the last ten months, I rediscover myself in a whole new way. My entire life changed 180 degrees at my choice, in just a few months, and as challenging this journey was and still is, I am grateful. 

I started to have a deep wish to live closer to nature after the first lockdown so I started to work energetically for finding a place where to live that was fitting my wishes; a small city, nearby forest, beautiful view, affordable and modern.

Almost every intention I sent in my meditations was fulfilled, but this change triggered deep fears. I lived near my dear ones all my life, and for the last 9 years I lived with my partner, so when I found myself in a new environment, alone, it became a challenge.

Knowing in my heart that this change is in alignment with my inner growth, I am embracing every day living alone because I know it’s just a beautiful chapter in the story of my life. 

Below are a few lessons I have been learning daily since living alone: 

• I am learning to be a responsible adult;
• I am rediscovering myself, getting to know myself;
When you don’t spend quality time with yourself, it is difficult to know your light and your darkness, to know what you like and what you don’t like, because you are constantly adapting to the crowded environment or take from others, their beliefs programs. 
• I am totally aware of the importance of working on myself to become whole by integrating both of the polarities;
• I am learning to be open to receive, asking for help when it’s needed, and open to give, balancing my inner and my outer world;
• My self-love is increasing daily because I am my first priority, and choosing to do things that I love without compromises is fulfilling; 
• I am learning to treat my house as a sacred place, respecting myself, my energy and the energy of the house; 
• I am enjoying every walk in the new city because everything is new, green, fresh and full of history.

Embrace every change so it might be softer; stop fighting with yourself. Your constant growth is done by allowing change and by saying YES to life.



Acknowledge the Wholeness of God

Acknowledge the Wholeness of God

When you fully recognize your Source as an eternal part of the Infinite Stream of Consciousness, you have only beatitude manifesting in your life. 

When you act as a Spark of the Infinite Stream of Love, there is nothing that is resisting you and your wish. When you wish for perfection and stop acknowledging any power outside of Love, your life is improving amazingly fast. 

You will remain an effect, a pawn in the chessboard of life, living in sickness, lack and limitation as long as you continue to believe and give energy to a reality that is less than the wholeness of the Eternal Consciousness because the choice of living in alignment with Source or living in imperfection is deliberate.

The wholeness of God is perfection, bliss, joy, unconditional love, forgiveness, oneness, acceptance, bliss, youth, abundance.
When you start to embody these aspects in your daily life, then you know that you are starting to allow your God Self to create your reality. 

You alone choose which aspects you wish to create in your world.
You are the main character of your life.
Your God-Self is the only one who is energizing your life.
Whatever you feel, think, give energy to, part of your life force goes out to sustain those thoughts, feelings, belief programs.

You are a Creator and if you desire to express God’s perfection you need to recognize only the Almighty Source as real.

Make no distinction between your Divine Self and the Source of Light and Love.

When you are doing spiritual practices, always remember that you are God doing the practices, you are God’s brilliance leading energy; it is your sacred texture, God texture that is being stimulated.

God exists everywhere; you are an eternal part of the Great Source of Love and Light which is the Self-consciousness of life. With the realization and integration of your Divine Self, walk gracefully in your earthly life, and create godliness from the core of your perfection.

Much Love,


The Potential Of The Physical Body

The potential of our physical body is not something to be ignored or underestimated. It’s your Divine Legacy!
Be conscious of its majesty and treat it with respect. The physical body is the part of the self that functions here on earth.
This vehicle only performs as we nurture it. Healthy organic food, clean water, clean fresh air, physical exercises, love, are all needed for a healthy physical body. Very often we take the physical body for granted, not acknowledging how divine and wise truly is.

The physical body is a mirror of the state of operating of your other four bodies; the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual body. No matter how many solutions you are searching from the outside, you can have a perfectly healthy physical body only when your four-body system is aligned and harmonized. 

The key to living a long, happy, healthy life resides deep within yourself. Using only effects for any type of treatment will only treat effects, but the root/cause will still remain until it’s addressed.  

When we truly learn to balance and purify the mental, emotional, etheric body, we start allowing our souls to descend into our physical vessels because we are creating an environment where the soul can reside and feel comfortable

The soul is an eternal spark of God, and God equals perfection, beauty, eternity, love, purity, etc., therefore, those qualities will be anchored into the physical vessel. 

Ever since the c.ovid story started, people are programmed to use as many chemicals possible on their hands, their bodies, suffocating themselves for a “good cause”, or injecting artificial substances that block the evolution of their consciousness by reprogramming the DNA artificially, and many are choosing to accept this as solutions for their lives because they want to go bring back an old timeline of suppression because this is all they knew.

 At the same time, many are awakening, taking their power back, searching for organic alternatives for living a simple peaceful life, asking assistance from the Divine. 

We are living in two different worlds at the same time, and no matter how chaotic everything seems right now, don’t give your power, your potential away, don’t give up. This is what has pushed us to live separated from Source for so long.

Continue in creating your life full of divine qualities because you are a Creator and your Divine Will is a gift from God. Our future depends on what timeline we feed as a collective.

Choose the organic timeline of love and freedom. 

Much Love,


Why Healing is Important to Keep your Vibration High After any Spiritual Practice

In this video, I emphasized why inner healing is important.

The inner alchemy process is a constant development until your I AM Presence can descend into your physical vessel and become one with it. Until then, we are constantly preparing the vessel in stages, for being able to hold such great consciousness into a 3D container.

In order to maintain the energy, you download through your spiritual practices. Your nervous system, your emotional body, AND your mental body must be healed AND cleaned to a certain degree, from many traumatic experiences that you are carrying unconsciously.


The Importance Of Being Conscious In Your Day To Day Life

In this video, I emphasized the importance of being aware, by allowing your conscious mind to “run the show.”

The inner healing process is a constant inner transformation that will happen until your individual ascension; therefore, you always have something that needs your love and forgiveness for transcending deep patterns, and the first step is to become conscious.

Conscious of when you act as an effect of your life, conscious when you are triggered, conscious of what you like, what you don’t like, why you like, why you don’t like, and so on.