“While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All.
To him who truly understands this truth has come to great knowledge.”
—The Kybalion. 

How often do you allow yourself to be still and receptive?
How often do you take action, following the guidance you receive in your stillness? 

Your outer creation is constantly mirroring which energy, feminine or masculine, is more dominant in you.

When these energies are balanced within you, your life becomes an endless stream of divine qualities.

You will begin to embody a deep sense of trust, allowing the stream to flow wherever it is needed, with no intentions to control its movement.

It is a fine line between learning to surrender ourselves and learning to take action. The source of these two energies is TRUST. Both energies should be rooted in the intention to accept and listen to God’s guidance.

God’s guidance has nothing to do with religious programs; God’s guidance equals your soul’s guidance, the guidance of your divine eternal self. Your soul encompasses both of these aspects; the feminine and masculine energy, even if one of them can be more defined than the other.

When the soil of our being starts to be nurtured and fertile, our soul begins to discharge its essence into it; therefore, the inner alchemy process begins and it will end when the soul is completely anchored into our 3D structures.

During this process of inner alchemy, we will oscillate often, experiencing both polarities, until we get stabilized and anchored to the quantum field of oneness.

A person who is completely centered has reached a level where he/she has managed to unify through the power of love, his/her Higher Self with his/her Lower Self, functioning as a complete being. The Higher and Lower Self are portraying the feminine and masculine energies.  

A person who is completely centered has reached a level where he/she is functioning from the conscious mind, where both of the brain hemispheres are unified and connected to the heart.

There will be no more attachment styles such as dismissive-avoidant, fearful-avoidant, anxious preoccupied or personality traits such as the savior, the victim, the empath or the narcissist, into his/her consciousness. 

A complete person will embody traits such as equality, humbleness, acceptance, love, wisdom to see the bigger picture, the ability to see the truth in each situation and person.

You can begin to embody both polarities in your being through intentions, colors, sounds, conscious breathing, shadow work.

You will recognize how much you embody the qualities of your soul, by being aware of your daily attitude, by noticing how present you are within a day, and by what actions you have towards yourself and others, daily.

Embodying the soul is a process that will be over when its qualities will radiate in every aspect of your life.

Be true to yourself.

Much Love,