What I am Learning By Living Alone In a New City

In the last ten months, I rediscover myself in a whole new way. My entire life changed 180 degrees at my choice, in just a few months, and as challenging this journey was and still is, I am grateful. 

I started to have a deep wish to live closer to nature after the first lockdown so I started to work energetically for finding a place where to live that was fitting my wishes; a small city, nearby forest, beautiful view, affordable and modern.

Almost every intention I sent in my meditations was fulfilled, but this change triggered deep fears. I lived near my dear ones all my life, and for the last 9 years I lived with my partner, so when I found myself in a new environment, alone, it became a challenge.

Knowing in my heart that this change is in alignment with my inner growth, I am embracing every day living alone because I know it’s just a beautiful chapter in the story of my life. 

Below are a few lessons I have been learning daily since living alone: 

• I am learning to be a responsible adult;
• I am rediscovering myself, getting to know myself;
When you don’t spend quality time with yourself, it is difficult to know your light and your darkness, to know what you like and what you don’t like, because you are constantly adapting to the crowded environment or take from others, their beliefs programs. 
• I am totally aware of the importance of working on myself to become whole by integrating both of the polarities;
• I am learning to be open to receive, asking for help when it’s needed, and open to give, balancing my inner and my outer world;
• My self-love is increasing daily because I am my first priority, and choosing to do things that I love without compromises is fulfilling; 
• I am learning to treat my house as a sacred place, respecting myself, my energy and the energy of the house; 
• I am enjoying every walk in the new city because everything is new, green, fresh and full of history.

Embrace every change so it might be softer; stop fighting with yourself. Your constant growth is done by allowing change and by saying YES to life.