Today we are moving through an influential portal in which divine light codes are flowing abundantly. Open your vessel, open your heart, and allow the light to infuse your cells, your DNA. You have the opportunity to rapidly shift into higher states of consciousness, where you can see all your experiences, all the worldwide events, from a higher perspective. 

Today is a perfect day for choosing Light, Love, Truth, God.

You can use this short mantra:

In this sacred day, I choose love. I choose light. I choose truth. I choose all that I AM.
I AM a perfect conduit of Light, Love, Truth, Purity.
I AM God in action.
I open my heart to embrace and offer God’s Love. 
I open myself for complete healing, inviting healing tools into my life.
On this sacred day, I allow the qualities of my heart to shine powerfully into every wounded part of myself.
On this sacred day, I acknowledge and integrate fully that I am an eternal part of God.
On this sacred day, I am grateful. I am grateful for my past, present and future.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today is a perfect day for inner reflection. Stay with yourself, take a pen and a paper and put yourself questions.

Ask your Inner Child what he needs. What you can do for him? How you can support his growth?
Ask your Middle Self the same questions. What you can do for yourself? What is beneficial for you at this time? How you can support your growth?
Ask your Higher Self, questions too. What does he wish to express to you? What is his guidance to you at this time? What you still need to master?
Surrender and allow the answers to come to you.

Today is a perfect day to be grateful.

You can use this powerful Hawaiian Prayer that is encoded with powerful light codes:

I am an eternal part of God.
I am part of God and God is part of me.
I thank you, God, for your divine love.
I thank you, God, for your divine light.
I thank you, God, for your divine truth.
I thank you for my life. Life is beautiful!
I thank you for your blessings.
I thank you for my being.

Thank you for the best solutions for me.
Mahalo Ke Akua! 
Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! Aloha.

My deepest prayer is for all life on Earth to live in bliss, harmony, peace and freedom.
May love be at the core of every action of every individual.
May mankind acknowledge its divinity, its perfect almighty form.
May love and all the branches of love dissolve all fears, all thoughts, emotions, actions that are enrooted in fear.
May all life live in peace, harmony, abundance, freedom and grace.
May God’s blessings be poured onto all life on Earth and beyond.

With all my love,

May God bless your path!


Photo by Luthonium