If years ago we were impressed by people who claimed to have contact with other ET Races or by those who have developed spiritual abilities, nowadays everything comes down to one important point.

How much have you integrated your experiences.

Being spiritual means being self-conscious about your light and your shadow, being present in this reality, being non-judgmental about current situations, accepting the flow of life, being aware of your stagnation and evolution, having the willingness to observe and embrace in love those aspects of the self that are fractured.  

We have begun a cycle in which it is no longer enough to just know.
We all know so much! Now is the time to embody the knowledge.

Knowledge and integration have different vibrations. Knowing things about healing does not mean you are healed.
Integration is a process where we glue each fractured part of our consciousness; we can do this only after we notice, accept, forgive, love and transform each wounded part, into love.

Many people are preaching.
Many people are accessing wisdom from the internet, books, or other realms.
Many people are connecting or communicating with different beings from different dimensions.
Many people know a lot about “n” topics, and it’s wonderful, but in the end, it all comes down to how you behave with those around you; how you shape your reality; what you are allowing into your life; if you learned to set up healthy boundaries; if you are still acting from old toxic patterns, and how much you are present within a day.

Many people are expanding their mental body, filling it with knowledge, and neglecting their other bodies.

To achieve total integration, balance, and inner peace, we must learn to balance, purify, and listen to the four lower-self bodies, simultaneously. Each of our lower bodies has unique abilities and messages from our souls; accessing and connecting with each body means we choose to use more of what God has given us.

As the New Moon approaches, I suggest you to use this energy for introspection and releasing, asking yourself questions such as:

What are my deepest fears? Why?
What unconscious patterns do I wish to release?
Can I integrate the end of relationships?
Can I forgive? Did I forgive myself? Did I forgive others?
How much depth and truth can I share from my heart?
How much have I integrated the wisdom I spread?
Am I present with myself and others?
Is my heart open enough to connect with others from that place?
How profoundly can I feel?

Ascension means the alchemy of the human aspect through the energy of the spirit.

When we are embodying the spirit into the human form, we are acting in full integrity with ourselves and others, being intimate and open to offer support to others without the wounded aspect attached.