The Ascension path is wonderful and unique for each one of us and finding the light tools and the wisdom that fits your soul blueprint, it can be a challenge, or at least, it was for me. Before my awakening process, I was always attracted to the spiritual world and my soul was always searching a true guide, a true teacher.  

When I started my inner healing process, of course, as many of you, I went to different workshops, mostly based on what my Higher Self was guiding me to learn. I always admired the facilitator of any workshop that I went, the one who was teaching the students such knowledge and I was always practicing everything they taught me, believing every word they spoke, thinking that they know better than my soul, what my soul wants.

Of course, these situations ended with disappointment from my side because most of them were only people, controlled by the ego, psychologically unhealed beings, some of them with good intentions, believing in what they were teaching, but not practicing what they were sharing. 

As a Highly Sensitive Person , once I started raising my vibration and becoming more aware of the energies around me, I started having the wisdom to make the difference between what is mine and what is coming from the others or the environment, and it was very clear for me that some of this so-called spiritual teachers were caught up in their illusions, feeding their personalities by absorbing the energies of the people who attended their workshops.

I embrace all those experiences with love. I gained so much wisdom and they guided me where I am right now, so I am grateful.

 Of course, I continued my path, and the more I raised my vibration, the outer world was matching my energy too. The key is to never give up, to trust the process, and to make space always for new people in your life when you feel that your inner world is expanding.

It took me years to understand that everything I need was already inside, and that the only thing my soul was searching was a teacher who could guide me to learn to connect and to dive deeper, on my own, into my heart.

What I want to share with you today, is the wisdom of the angels offered to humanity with the intention to start living in our hearts and manifest a reality based on love.

Most of what I am sharing in this article are keys that I practice daily, tools I learned from a wonderful being, a channel of the angels of love. Part of her mission is to teach humanity the message of God and the angels, which is very simple, LIVE IN YOUR HEART AND FEEL LOVE.

I practice her wisdom daily, and I can only say that feeling love for everything is the state of union with God and it is wonderful.

We are living in a world based on fear and fear is the absence of love. 
The food of our souls is LOVE. We, humanity, love being happy, having fun, dancing, being joyful, sharing, and because of our survivor needs, we are caught up doing things that we don’t like doing, to survive, and then we become sad, depressed, insecure, and in a state of fear.

Those emotions are feeding the archonic consciousness and this is the reason why humanity is still enslaved, living in a survivor mode although this planet is abundant with everything that we need. 

Now, it is our time to start connecting with our souls, living in our hearts, feeling happy and joyful at all times, taking our free will. 

One person who is living in a state of love is emanating that energy for another 10.000 people. Just imagine if all of us were living in a state of love and joy, the mass consciousness was filled with love, the vibration was raised, and the reality was manifested from that vibration of love and freedom. 

Just Imagine!

Now let’s speak about these divine keys which can help you tremendously if you start to practice them.

The first key is to meditate and to start living in the present. There is a reason why many true teachers shared this message with humanity. Living in the present will help you switch from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, becoming aware and more relaxed. 

You can start this by practicing conscious breathing and only after a few breaths, you will feel the difference. 

 Another love key is to start breathing in your body. We are giving 90% of the energy to the mind. We are letting our monkey minds to consume our precious energy, thinking about different scenarios, stories, or about other people. 
Sending love to your legs, hands, spine, organs, cells, glands, chakras, and so on, while breathing consciously is helping you to have more energy which means that your body will become revitalize and more healthy. 

Another wise key is to understand that energy is all that it is. 

If you are becoming responsible and aware of your energy you can grow your light quotient more and more, having more abilities, manifesting faster, having more clarity, and many other blessings. 

Another love key is to start feeling love.
Go in your heart in your meditations, feel love for someone or something dear to your heart, and dive into the ocean of love. In that state you can ask the Angels or God, to bless you, to bless all the people, all life on Earth and beyond; in that state, you can generate 5000 more energy than through any other meditation. We all need love. 

If you are practicing these methods, you will experience major changes in your life and there is no other gift to offer to yourself, to the ones near you, to humanity, then love.

Feed your soul with love because love is all that it is.

Be Love and Love will return to you because what your energy field is emanating, is coming back at you.

I wish for you to dive into the ocean of love, and feel how majestic everything is.