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Hello, dears. 

I wish you a day as beautiful as your soul.

Let’s play a game together.

Name five things that you love. 

You don’t need to share them or make them public. 
They are just for you.

Take a deep breath into your center, connect with your soul, and feel, see, or know what your soul loves the most.

Be open, receptive, and allow your soul to speak to you. 

Now, read the list and feel the enthusiasm of doing those things.

In what position did you find yourself in that list of five things that you love?

Self-love is the magical key that opens portals to the Infinite Ocean of Unconditional Love.

Each thing that we love doing is a piece of our soul expression, and self-love connects us with deeper parts of our soul to find and feel how our Inner Divinity wishes to express itself in this physical reality.

Be You. 

Be Love. 

Be Blessed.