We are divine sparkles connected to the same Source, unique as the snowflakes, but the same as the Omnipresent Infinite Divine Source, so, what this means? It means that you are an Infinite Creator, constantly creating with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

The more centered in your heart you are, the more you are connected with your soul, the more love you generate, your light body will charge with that love and you will start manifesting faster. The higher vibration you have, the faster you will manifest and the key is to manifest with your heart.

One of the reasons of why for humanity is taking more time to manifest what they are thinking, wishing, feeling, compared with the evolved light beings who are manifesting instantly is that humanity is still Creating fear-based realities within them, around them and into the collective consciousness.

Look around you! Does your reality is full of love, joy, bliss peace, abundance? 

The Source is infinite Love, health, abundance, peace and you as a part of that Source, should have the same reality as the Source. A reality-based on love and that reality can be manifested only from within through self-love.

Once you start letting go of all the matrix programs, all the fears and you start to forgive yourself and the others, your heart will start opening and your love, that love of the God within you will start growing more until your whole being will emanate and attract divine love and then, your reality will be a manifestation of the Divine. 

If all of us will take advantage of this period where we are in this situation of being in “quarantine”, we will have the power to change this fear-based reality of this worldwide chaotic events, into a reality of peace, health, love, and freedom.

Once we stop giving our power to the system and start giving our energy to our souls, these particles of God will guide us home, and home is everywhere as long as we start feeling love and emanating love unconditionally towards each other’s, towards the whole Creation.  

We have the power to change this reality where everything seems to collapse, into a reality where everything is thriving, a reality based on love.

Let’s stop blaming and let’s start Creating divinity! Why we are still allowing the fear to control us when we know that we are Infinite Beings of Light misguided by the system because they too much were afraid of our collective power.

Connect with your heart, let the fear go, breathe in light, breathe out all the matrix programs and let’s Create together what our souls are; divine love and infinite abundance and freedom.

May your soul be eternally blessed, in the name of God.