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Hello, dears.♥

I received many questions like this lately, regarding the Spiritual Path.

“Why I don’t see with my third eye if I am meditating daily?”
“How to open my third eye?”
“Why I don’t see the energy?”
“Why I am not manifesting abundance?”
“How to remain centered when people around me are “negative”?”

Dear ones, the main goal when you step in on your spiritual path must be INNER HEALING.

The rest is happening by itself.

The more you dissolve your 3D ego structures, the faster you will access your Soul and your Higher Self abilities.

I have never had goals, such as, opening my third eye, or activating my higher abilities.

My main purpose when I started being active on my divine path was to heal, to stop creating darkness through negative emotions, to support others, to serve the Divine, to accomplish my purpose, to grow spiritually, to feel love and be love, to access my Divine Self and to act, speak, think from there, to be whole, to reunite with God and remain there, and it is still a work in process.

Our Inner configuration is similar to a tree, and a tree, to stand tall and strong, its roots must support its growth.

If your focus is only on your branches and on the fruits that you can offer, maybe you should focus also on your roots which represent your lower self, your inner shadows, your inner child, and so on.

The goal of spirituality is to reconnect and remain connected with the Infinite Almighty Source and the inner shadow work represents your willingness to dissolve any barrier that is staying between you and this sacred reunion.

Focus on your Soul Goal.

Be Blessed!