The victim traits stored in our subconscious mind and expressed through our actions, thoughts, or emotions are deeply rooted in the collective consciousness. We all have been victims at some point in our lives and it is a survival mechanism for many to justify their life experiences.

It is important not to remain in this pattern or to jump to the other extreme, the savior trait. The source of these two polarities or personality traits is obviously unhealed trauma.

Of all the aspects that need positive change in the curing of human personality, nothing is more important than the increase of self-responsibility. The lack of self-empowerment, the lack of self-responsibility, the lack of self-love, or the lack of self-acceptance, are staying as barriers between us and our divine potential.

Start to identify yourself as your Divine Self, the Sacred Spark of God that you are. When you are doing this, you become observant of your thoughts, emotions, experiences, without identifying yourself with any of them.

When you are doing this, you are using your conscious mind to observe and to connect to your lower self, from a balanced place, without judgment, accepting your past experiences, searching for healing tools to integrate both of your selves, your Lower and Higher Self.

I have noticed that there are so many cases where people are focusing only on meditation, anchoring high vibrational energy into their consciousness and although this helps a lot, not addressing the roots, the causes of negative patterns from their lives, will block their spiritual growth much, because they refuse to integrate important parts of their lower self that will help them become mentally and emotionally free.

No matter how much light you are downloading into your daily spiritual practices, if you are mentally or emotionally ill, that light will be consumed at the time of any trigger.

Set Yourself Free. Choose to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.