Dear Light Community,

It’s time for us to graduate to the next level. The level where we are creating our new timeline from the center of our hearts. When we are grounded in our hearts, we are connected to the quantum field of all that is, and only from that place, we can manifest the virtues of God into the physical. 

When we use only our minds in our daily spiritual practices or mass meditations, because our mind is dual, we manifest the positive and the negative. That’s why it’s essential to start opening our hearts and manifesting from the centre of our being, the heart qualities, into the physical. 

It’s time for us to be open to learning and discovering new teachings about what is going on within us, around us.
It’s time for us to stop following blind people, limited therapists or fake gurus.
It’s time for us to be more responsible. Nothing happens in the world that you don’t have a responsibility for. 

When you work with Light you have a huge responsibility for the energy that you are channeling, as well as when you guide others. Not wanting to see or welcome other perspectives or refusing to see people as they are is accepting living in limitations. 

Just being focus either on holistic healing, or spiritual healing, without integrating them both, again is choosing to limit your evolution. Both of them must be integrated into your center.

Your inner child and your higher self. Your higher chakras, and your lower chakras. When you are starting to heal and integrate your inner child, you are preparing a clean environment for your Soul to descend into your 3D Self. Just jumping stages or living in mental illness of waiting for an outer source to “save” you, will not take you further on. 

Remember that you don’t have power if you don’t feel or have love. The creations process requires love. Whenever you go from love to fear, you lose power. 

The definition of fear is the absence of love, the same as the definition of darkness which is the absence of light.

There are only two emotions that are creating realities. Love/Light, which is of the spirit, the true essence, and Fear which is of the personality ego-self, the subconscious mind, the lower self.

Stay true to yourself and your path.