The friendships of awakened conscious beings are truly special. They are formed at an evolution point in the lives of those who are experiencing them, where everything is more truthful, real, and balanced.

Because they are conscious of their inner world and involved in dissolving their illusionary selves, they are attracting souls on the same frequency.

These types of friendships will exist forever and the daily journeys they are experiencing together are teaching them that unconditional love, support, or acceptance are real states of beingness.

The result of these types of healthy relationships is that we finally are starting to feel loved, safe, accepted, respected, not judged, healing deep patterns of trust issues or gossiping behaviors.

They are NOT formed by different circumstances of the environment where we must accept each other. They are founded consciously on truth, trust, healthy boundaries, and resonance.

These types of friendships are a reflection of inner maturity and self-love because there is nothing toxic about them.

I am grateful to experience the beauty of my heart holding the hands of my dearest friends. Thank you for making me feel safe and loved.

I love you my loves.<3