Humanity was always manipulated to normalize wars, abuse, greed, etc. The matrix system is designed to insert archonic traits, programming the people subconscious mind; the root of all these traits is fear; the fear that is feeding the artificial timeline. 

Many times, when I was speaking to people about how life can be if we collectively choose to live in alignment with the heartbeat of the Universe, they were answering back that this cannot be possible; they were telling me to observe the animals and how some animals are eating other animals, believing that all these fear traits are normal natural habits and that only the strong should survive. 

From my point of view, these are artificial beliefs that are rooted deep into the human consciousness for keeping us in a low vibration, normalizing the archonic consciousness. 

When we start to embody the feeling of oneness which can be embodied only through the heart chakra, we understand, feel and see in a second how everything is interconnected.

For thousands of years, the dark lords who control this matrix have kept the human consciousness in surviving mode, and this energy has been embodied by all Gaia’s creatures, so some of the animals fell into a lower octave, fighting and eating each other to survive.

If we start to accept that for thousands of years the human consciousness has been manipulated, played, separated and traumatized, the first question you should ask yourself is WHY?

If you look back in history, what patterns do you notice?
They always played by the same rules re-creating traumatic timelines over and over again under the disguise that we have enemies, therefore war is needed, and that the system is trying to protect us.

In our present days, many can see clearly that what humanity had were handlers; handlers who give the illusion of freedom; handlers that kept and hide sacred esoteric knowledge to use it to their advantage; handlers who harvest the energy of fear created from wars and genocides, to use it to create and maintain the artificial timeline, because they know that everything is energy from which we create.

Now, in this time of awakening as it has never existed before, many have discovered the black magicians’ old tricks, and the unknown war on the human consciousness is not unknown anymore.

It’s like how a wooden doll began to have her consciousness, watching above and seeing that someone was guiding her moves.

The not ensouled beings know that they lost the war because nothing is more powerful than a conscious being with an open active heart chakra, therefore they are showing their abusive faces without caring about their image anymore.

They want to make you feel and believe that they still have power over you; that you belong to them; that you don’t have a choice and you should do what they want, which in this case is the vaxx.

In truth, you belong to the Almighty Divine Source and sovereignty, free will, freedom is your birthright as well as creating a perfect life full of joy, abundance, love and peace. 

All past traumatic experiences of humanity have closed the heart chakra of each individual. This is the fall described in the Bible.

The heart chakra is the portal from where you can connect, download and emanate the power of God into the world, raising the vibration of everything around you, feeding the crystalline grid and the organic timeline.

When you fully embody the power of your God Self into your 3D vessel, you cannot be controlled, manipulated, afraid, sick, poor. In every aspect of your life, you will manifest perfection because your inner Divine Self will be reflected totally into your outer world. 

Everything is energy and the more you channel and embody your Divine Self, you raise your vibration and your vibration will become your revenue; therefore, you will not be put in situations where you need to sell your energy to survive.

Life should be an empty canvas in which you should have total freedom to express the perfection of your Soul.

Let your soul shine! <3

Much love,