The human physical body is a genuine wise organic technology, and the more we learn about it, the more amazed we will be by its unbelievable wisdom. 

By applying the hermetic law “As Above, so Below; As Within, So Without”, we can finally accept scientifically that the universe is a single living organism of interconnected subtle energy fields. The universe is a network of dynamic mutual relationships and we are existing as cells inside, mirroring the macro creation.

The hermetic principle of vibration is teaching us that everything moves, vibrates, and rotates; facts which modern science confirm. This Principle explains that the differences between the manifestations of matter, energy, spirit, result largely from differing rates of vibration.

From the All, which is Pure Spirit, down to the dense form of matter, all is in motion; the higher the vibration, the higher the location in the scale.

We are living in a dense world, crowded with artificial and harmful technology, therefore electro-smog is generated. These things are making the energy fields of the surroundings to rotate and vibrates artificially, anticlockwise. 

Left-rotating fields are destroying the DNA and connective tissue structures, by changing the information given by the water from the cell. All of these are making the nervous system stressed and is consuming a lot of energy. Only clockwise rotation fields can generate healthy matter.

The human body needs energy to survive. This supposed to be obtained from the food and water.

Due to the fact that the environment is filled with toxicity, the lacking of nutrients from the food and the negative information absorbed by the water from the surroundings, our bodies started to degenerate at a young age.

In time, humanity started to normalize being sick, “treating” with artificial pills, only the effects of the toxicity. 

We are complex organic beings and if we want to avoid being sick physically, emotionally or mentally, these habits are essential; drinking clean water, eating organic food, breathing clean fresh air, spending our days in the sunlight. 

Due to our poorly ignorant behaviour on the planet, the radiation generated from all these harmful artificial technologies, mixed with the negative nectoplasma created by our thoughts and energized by our negative emotions, all life on Earth including ourselves, lives as if every day counts to survive.

In a normal world, where technology would affect the environment positively, where humanity would live in harmony with each other, respecting, honouring and caring for all life, our genetics could easily survive at least 150 years.

Our DNA is the main key to live a long, healthy, joyful life. Our DNA is compressed light that is projecting the body, based on the information it is receiving.

Organic food, nature, mediations, sungazing, minerals, are sending positive information to our DNA, and oxygen to our cells. The immune system needs oxygen or nitrogen radicals to destroy cancer cells or germs.

All these positive actions are growing the light quotient which will result in us having more energy, being more healthy, joyful and younger. Loss of light energy causes health problems. 

The lack of information guided humanity in an era of mental, emotional and physical sickness.

In today’s time, we all have the possibility to rediscover ourselves, to rebuild our lives from within, to re-adjust to the new energy, and to honour our divinity.

We can make a conscious decision at any time to support our majestic bodies by loving, caring, and respecting them.

Me, personally, when I started to understand more about the huge impact we have on our health from the choices we have made or we are making, I started to research for finding alternatives for living an organic lifestyle as much as it is possible.
Below I enumerate the healing tools I use that works the best for me intending to support both sides. You, if you are in search of such tools, and the facilitators that are serving their soul purpose.

For organic nutrients and minerals for my body, I am using SunWarrior’s products; they are simply amazing.

For protecting my DNA and my energy field from harmful electro-smog, I acquired devices created based on Tesla technology from Enki Institute.

For beauty products, I always choose organic brands.
For mental and emotional healing I am doing weekly, Yager- Code Therapy.
Yager-Code therapy is a method for removing the roots of any negative experience stored in the mental body.

For accessing deeper levels into my heart, feeling unconditional love and being able to meditate longer, I am having often, sessions of healing and clearing with the angels via &

Luckily, we are living in a period where so many beautiful people are using their soul abilities to create and offer to humanity organic alternatives for living a healthier and joyful life. The power of choice is in our hands.

In the infinite creation of Source are existing endless possibilities.
The only duty we have as representations of the love and wisdom of God is to choose and act with our wise hearts. 
Our hearts will always guide us to make healthy choices for living a life in which the abilities of our souls are expressed.

Be blessed.


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