The awakening process is unique for each one of us but the common “symptom” of those who started to awaken is when they simply accept new information about the world we are living in. The new information activates something within them and they start to research on their own. 

I remember very good this first stage of awakening. I could stay hours and hours night after night reading knowledge, or ideas about the matrix system we are living in, and about esoteric wisdom. I was not interested to do or learn anything else; to make my own research based on my intuition, discovering new things daily, was what I liked to do the most at that time, and there were not many people who could easily be open to understand or listen to you when you wanted to share. 

I have always had the feeling of knowing all the things I was reading, and looking back now, I understand that the knowledge I was learning was just a trigger for me to remember. Later, I realized that I was unconsciously making my first steps on my ascension path.

The Ascension Path is a profound change and evolution of our 3D personality, but you don’t know this at first.

You listen to your inner guidance by starting to integrate daily knowledge that is activating your DNA without having any clue about the road or the destination you just decided to walk.

From the level of consciousness that I have now, I can say metaphorically that this is the first kinder garden class of spiritual wisdom. We discover new things, like the children who discover that they can walk. Although the innocence of a child is simply beautiful, he still needs to grow, becoming mature and responsible.

I remember how, in the first years of my spiritual journey, having only knowledge of many things without applying or practicing much, I was restrained by my ego to grow spiritually a lot.
The unconscious attitude for some at this level is to think that they are special because they understand and know more than the average. This level activates the mental body in a way that is making you think you are above others. 

It is a level that is good to be transcended as fast as it’s possible for allowing the inner healing process to start. In most cases, this is happening and the second level is starting, named by so many, the dark passage of the Soul.

The dark passage of the Soul is a level where you start becoming conscious of many negative experiences you had, and searching for healing tools is your main priority. The heaviness of remembering, accepting, integrating and forgiving traumatic experiences from this lifetime, or other lifetimes, is deeply felted. 

At this level, you switch from one extreme personality that you activate in the first level, “the savior, the omniscient of all”, to the other extreme personality “the victim”.

Learning to live in balance by finding the center of our beingness is a sign that we start to graduate from kindergarten. Until then, we will experience ups and downs at a great speed.

Once we decide to continue walking on our spiritual path, our Higher Selves are allowing us to step by step, dissolve layer after layer of karmic misdeeds, traumatic experiences, fears.

We will constantly attract scenarios that are triggering deep fears stored within us, for bringing them to the surface and dissolve them with love. 

Every step on this divine path is an act of self-love and a strong desire to live in union with God, the Source of Love.

At this level, we start attracting people that resonate with our energy field, and light tools that are simplifying our spiritual practices so much.  We will stop projecting our inner wounds on our dear ones, learning to express our feelings and searching for healing tools that are helping us to make peace with our past, our parents, our experiences, knowing that making peace from within is the only way of living in peace in the outer world. 

We start integrating more and more the fact that nothing is happening in our world and in the Universe that we don’t have a responsibility for.  Meditation, prayers, positive affirmations, visualizations, intentions, and conscious behavior such as” why I attract this today?”, are becoming daily main practices.

The next level is the level where we consciously start to serve the Divine by start doing what we came here to do, becoming active on our spiritual path. 

We integrated some of the heavy experiences, we managed to forgive to a certain degree, we are more centered and our hearts are starting to open through feelings of gratitude and love.

At this level we start acting with more responsibility in every area of our lives, understanding that we are the cause, not the effect. This is a level where it is good to start offering your spiritual gifts, your wisdom. 

It is a level where we must take care of the divine energy we channel through our spiritual practices. Because our vibration is growing, we hold more energy and it is our responsibility to take care of it, growing the flame of love from within.

Burning stages and jumping to being active on your soul path without passing through the healing process first is egocentric and almost impossible because you will continue attracting your inner wounds, through the outer world.

The purpose of the dark passage of the soul is to help you in letting go of the heaviness you are carrying that is consuming a lot of energy and doesn’t allow you to raise your vibration and to grow spiritually.

I have experienced a lot in the last 4 years of my inner healing journey and I would not have experienced the grace, love and peace within me if I was not allowing my soul to guide me in dissolving the weight I was unconsciously carrying.

There were many times where I asked myself the question “What if I would have ignored my soul guidance?” The answer is scary for me still.

I couldn’t live another life where all the negative baggage is carried daily without having a clue about it, living unconsciously and disconnected from the source of my soul essence, just experiencing small fractions of life, without knowing the true potential we all have within us.

I had to ignore stored fears as many of you, my whole life. Fear of being judge, fear of not being good enough, fear of expressing myself, fear of the world, fear of suffering, and nothing good came out of ignoring them. Wonders happened when I started becoming conscious about them being just effects of something deeper within myself, and navigating through them or dissolving them is a process that is taking time.

Before deciding for starting being active on my soul path in service to humanity, I resisted my path, finding excuses always, but our souls have a nice way to “push” us out of our comfort zone.

Every step I took on my soul path, no matter how major or minor looked, was building my spiritual foundation for holding more responsibility and having more gratitude for everything in life.

Trust that your soul is guiding you towards total freedom, abundance, love and happiness because there is no other reality for your soul than all these divine aspects.

With Love,