So many people are living in anxiety and uncertainty. The outer worldwide events are giving us two obvious choices. We are at a crossroad where we have to choose; to choose fear or to choose love. We cannot skip the choice; each person has to do it on their own. 

By choosing fear, you choose to remain anchored into the 3D reality of suffering, oppression, control and obedience. A timeline that humanity knows for thousands of years. You will obey more and more to the rules enforced by the system, normalizing and finding reasons for the laws that are stealing your freedom with every passing day, recreating for the so-called leaders of the worlds another timeline of suffering. 

They are implementing into your mind what they want you to create for them, and you are gladly doing it by feeding and trusting their narrative, refusing to think on your own.

You will continue to believe a scenario that 99% has a positive outcome, just because you say you don’t have time to make your own research or you don’t have the courage to accept that something is not ok in our world.

The entire reality of what you know as true will collapse in front of your eyes and for this to happen, you need the courage to trust in something bigger than your 3D Self, for integrating everything.

You will continue giving your free will choice, your thoughts, your body to the handlers of this world, which are the same entities that have created only negative events throughout our history, fooling yourself that they wish for you to be healthy and safe.

You will continue giving your free will choice of what you should or shouldn’t do or when you are allowed to feel free or joyful. This scenario will continue until you say STOP.

Saying stop is the first step of taking your power back. You will start researching what is healthy for your mind, body and soul.
Slowly, you will start taking your life into your hands, searching and manifesting solutions that are guiding you on an organic timeline of prosperity, freedom, healthy and love.  

By choosing to be responsible for your life, you will start connecting with the higher realms which are ready to support you every second of the day. You will start having a stronger connection with your Immortal Soul, allowing him to guide you every step of the way. 


We are each a particle of the Infinite Almighty Source of Love. See God as an infinite never-ending ocean of light and love, with you being a fraction, a drop from that ocean. God is love, so we are love at the core of our being.

Only the fears, the negative emotions and behaviors are keeping us disconnected from the love within us and disconnected from our souls. 

Our souls are above our 3D personality; our souls are existing in a state of unconditional love and to have a strong connection with them, we need to dissolve as much as is possible the fears stored within us, within our cells, trusting in the guidance of our Higher Selves.

Every negative emotion or action is making the cord that is connecting our 3D Self with our souls, thinner. 
Every positive emotion, action and feelings of gratitude, love, acceptance, are making the cord between our 3D Self and our souls, wider; by doing daily inner spiritual journeys, the cord is transforming into a channel where divine aspects of Source are poured through you, into this physical reality. 

The central channel is a link of energy and consciousness between the highest spirit and lowest matter. It is a conduit through which the life of the spirit and the consciousness of the soul flows, and it is essential for you to wide your central channel by activating your chakras, for anchoring your soul into your 3D personality, allowing the guidance and the love of the Divine to raise your consciousness and to flow through you.

For starting to anchor your Soul into your 3D Self, say as often as you remember the Soul Invocation.


The soul invocation is reminding you to identify yourself as your true Divine Self, and each word from this mantra has enormous power.

When we become balanced and still, the wisdom, of the Infinite Stream of Light and Love is poured through our being, into our environment, into our world, raising the collective consciousness.

The Love of Source is felt and emanated as well as the other divine aspects such as acceptance, grace, peace, etc. have space to be welcomed and anchored.

Accepting that you are an important key in creating a better reality for you and your dear ones is fundamental for the liberation of human minds and souls, as well as for the entire life on our beautiful planet.

The basic foundation of the healing on this planet of the collective consciousness and the environment is what the total of us are allowing and creating together, as architects of our reality. 

Co-create with your soul. Trust that your soul is guiding you towards total freedom and infinite love.

Nobody better than your soul wishes for you to live a life abundant in health, joy, freedom and love. Your only duty is to connect with him through feelings of gratitude and love.

Choose love.
Choose yourself.

Be blessed,