The most important connection that you have is the connection to Source.
Nourish and strengthen this connection daily.

Only through this link, you can attract love, peace, abundance, health, joy, because Source incorporates all these aspects and form the core of this Stream of Energy that we like to call it LOVE, these divine aspects are poured. 

The only duty of each person is to connect to it, to nourish it, to take care and responsibility for this holy connection.

The reason mankind lives in such a chaotic world is because we are collectively disconnected from our souls and our true eternal essence.

When you have a strong connection to Source, you are guided, protected and the outer world will not influence you under any pressure or circumstances because your inner world will manifest into your outer reality. 

Nourish your connection to God.
This is the most important time in your evolution as a spiritual being and a strong connection to the Divine is required now, more than ever. Everything matters less because through this connection, you have more than your 3D Self can imagine.

Be blessed!