The mental body is composed of three selves’ minds.

The Conscious Mind, the Superconscious mind, and the Subconscious mind.

I want to present you with a short description of each one of them for a better understanding.

The conscious mind is that part of the mind that can reason and brings to the person the awareness of self. Metaphorical speaking, we can say that the conscious mind is the gardener. 

Now, if the gardener is the conscious mind, then the subconscious mind is the soil that grows whatever type of seed is planted, weeds, or roses. The energy that you are giving to the seed planted, metaphorically we can name it the water.

The subconscious mind will store any kind of information and will manifest anything, rational or irrational. The subconscious mind, named also the lower mind, has no reasoning ability, it is a paradox but it is extremely intelligent.

There is a basic psychological law that states that it takes 21 days for a seed to be grounded and to start to grow into the subconscious mind. This capacity for planting and storing new information allows us to grow and develop new abilities.

 The subconscious mind works 24 hours a day, while you are awake or you are sleeping, as a computer and it will follow whatever it is programmed to follow, positive or negative. 

 As an example, the subconscious mind completely runs the physical body. That’s why we never forget to breathe.

The main function of it is to store information. It is the memory stick of all our experiences, thoughts, emotions, habit patterns, imagination, desires. 

 From the time we have been babies, we have been programmed by our parents, teachers, friends, television, etc.

As children, we are vulnerable because the children’s conscious minds have not developed enough to be able to protect them from negative programming. The child is open and if the environment of the child is toxic, his programming or the seeds will be toxic also. Just as the physical body can be poisoned with toxic substances, the lower mind has the same mechanism.

As a personal example, I can share that when I was a child, my mother, unconsciously, always gratified my sister, and the seed planted in my subconscious mind was that I am not good enough and until I become aware of it, I was always trying to prove to my mother, unconsciously that I am good enough through different situations.

This is a good example for sharing to understand that what programs are stored in the subconscious mind, ca run our present life if we are not aware.

Another main point that I would like to mention about the lower mind is, that the Law of manifestation or attraction operates from the subconscious mind.

 It will continually attract and manifest things that have been programmed into it. For example, if you stored into the lower mind, ideas that you will never live in abundance or that you will never have what you desire, you won’t, because you just fed that seed that is already planted. 

The main key for a healthy mental body is to allow the conscious mind to program and control the subconscious mind because, the lower mind is meant to be the servant, a tool, a computer for the conscious mind. Most people let their lower mind control them. When this happens, people become victims, not assuming the responsibility for their creation, reality.

The subconscious mind was never meant to guide your life because it has no reasoning.
Why would you let a computer run your life?

It is ideal that every time a thought or emotion arises out of the lower mind, it should be checked and rationalized by the conscious mind. By becoming aware of the programs stored into your subconscious mind, once you become conscious about, you will start to be the driver again, you will clean the negative seeds, and negative seeds are mostly bad experiences, traumas, which are lowering your vibration, and you will plant beautiful flowers that will create a divine garden abundant and diverse. 

Psychological health is the process of cleaning with love and forgiveness the negative experiences, and letting into your mind positive spiritual thoughts. There is no difference between psychological health or physical health. If you want to be physically healthy you nourish your body. 

It is essential to be aware and to remember that the lower mind is filled with old beliefs from your parents, or your school or your environment that were planted when you were young. If the conscious mind is not taking control, then all these unhealed traumas and old beliefs are programming your present life. 

The more you allow your conscious mind to drive the vehicle, the more connection you will have with the Superconscious, the Higher mind. 

 The Higher Mind is the spiritual parent and lives at a higher state of consciousness, outside the physical body. The state of consciousness of the Higher Mind is love, wisdom, infinite possibilities, divinity.

 It will never guide you unless you asked to do so, it will never intervene in any decision that you want to make unless you asked to do so and you need to be aware and to listen to the guidance of the Higher Mind.

God, the infinite ocean of love and wisdom, offered us all the tools to live and manifest a better reality and now we have access to most of them.

Be blessed, in the name of God!