Most people are run by the patterns stored in their mental body, manifesting a reality based on those beliefs. Those beliefs are rooted in past experiences events.

If many patterns are increasing around a fixed focus (for example, your parents), then energy is formed around those patterns and a living consciousness is created. The mother-father figure within you develops into a consciousness.

Your synergy with your parents as a unit, and with each other as an individual, has formed a certain quantity of this energy to become real for you. This parent consciousness within you has its own blueprint and influence that add to the development of your physical identity. 

You have embodied an amount of their consciousness within. You can let go of some of the beliefs from your parents by easily dissolving them consciously through different healing methods, as well as any other deep-rooted pattern.

Mankind has so many modified states of existence, mostly because one comes into this dense physical world with a lot of baggage from the past.

The foundation for incorporating Light, becoming the I AM God Self, is to dissolve our past baggage.

When we align our lives to live in the now, when we become lighter and feel love, we are allowing God’s divinity to be anchored in our reality, through us.

As Joshua David Stone states in his book, Soul Psychology, “The most essential relationships in your life are your relationship to your Self and God. If you are not right with your Self, you will project your wrong relationship to Self onto everything in your life, including God because in reality your Self and God are the same things.”

Self-love and acceptance of your past experiences are the main keys to letting go easily of what you don’t need anymore.

Dissolving the parent consciousness programs is not meaning that you dissolve the love for your parents; it is clearing the idea of them that you have within. 

You create your existence through your own belief structure. Everything that you create is like a hologram. You manifest this specific hologram wherever you go. If the inner impression of your parents, is in a certain type, then you create an outer identical hologram. 

Your self-love, self-worth, self-expression, are defined by your inner unconscious emotions you have with your present parents. 

A lot of what family members and others in your life are doing is revealing a plot that you have created unconsciously to enlighten something within yourself. Observe sharply at the people in your life that are triggering you. 

If your point of view of my reality does not match with my point of view, and if my point of view of your reality does not match your point of view, then there is some frustration from the 3D perspective.

 The outcome of this is a misperception because one sees the other as he wishes the other to be, not as the other is. 
This is how these inner “programs” become activated. 

By removing these inner beliefs from within yourself, you will begin to see your parents in their own light, in their own form, without projecting your patterns onto them.

They will also begin to see you more in the form that you really are, because on an unconsciously level, you are allowing your true Self to shine and emanate.

Much of the way they seem to see you is also determined by your beliefs of them.  

We project our reality onto all of the people in our lives, which means that there are always two or more scenarios overlapping, and most of the time they are easily out of focus. 

There is a certain part of me, that sits in judgment for giving all this time writing this post. It is a wonderful experience but on the other side, I ask myself if the time is worth spending. 

Two very different characters have joined the set. One is the father side that says, “You should stop wasting your time, build a business!”, and the other character, my inner child, who wishes to follow its guidance but does not want to engage with the father by creating trouble.

This is exactly why we need to dissolve our inner 3D patterns. 

The path towards true Self-Mastery is to become responsible for everything we are allowing in our lives by letting go of all the artificial patterns of Self.

As a clear example, when we clean our house, we don’t do it only once. What seems brilliant clean and luminous one day may look a bit dirty a few days later because we develop and become conscious of different stored patterns, almost daily.

PS: I used the parents only as an example. We have so many past experiences that have left us disconnected from our true Self.

Let go of the old and embrace the new.<3

Be blessed!