What is the Path of Divine Grace?
There are no better words for me, to describe what grace means than the quote of Adyashanti,
“That is grace, the willingness to trust the unknown.”

The path of Divine Grace is the path of trust and truth. 

We are a species trained to act with our lower minds. Because we were never taught to have trust in ourselves and to speak our truth, we end up functioning in alert mode. We are always creating or attracting scenarios in our lives to prove to ourselves that in order to avoid getting hurt, is better not to love or trust.
We build walls of bad experiences around us, with zero intention to dissolve them, thinking that this is the way to live without suffering. The minus of this is that we are not able to feel love or to allow love to flow to us. 

Unconditional Love is the highest aspect of Source. Living disconnected from it is like being thirsty in a waterfall of water.

Trust is the glue that connects everything with everything.
To trust others or God, we must trust ourselves first.
Through trust, we are learning to open our hearts.
Through trust, we are learning to love.
Through trust, we are learning to accept what was, let go, forgive and embrace the new.
Through trust, we are learning from the experiences of each other, without wishing unconsciously to suffer in order to grow.
When we trust, we are functioning at a higher state of consciousness, taking full responsibility for all our experiences that we had or have.

Many of us still hold on to the belief that we need to experience the good and the bad, to appreciate the good.
This belief continues, because for a long time, the Earth existed in the third dimension, which is a density of matter.
Living in this density, we believed in the illusion of separation from Source, and we began to identify with the dense physical creation.

In the last thirty years, the human consciousness started to exponentially awaken, a period of grace started to prepare Mother Earth and humanity for the next phase, named, the Planetary Ascension.
The Planetary Ascension is the willingness of Earth and the human collective consciousness, to begin to vibrate at a higher state of consciousness, as one organism.
For this to happen, we need to learn to trust, love and accept each other.
We need to let go of the old belief systems or programmings such as competition, separation, envy, jealousy, manipulation, or control. The root of all these behaviors is fear.

Our benevolent galactic family, our spiritual guides, the angelic realm, the high vibration light beings, are supporting humanity in this transition by being an example. They are functioning as one organism, connecting their hearts to create a ship with their consciousness, for example. If they would not trust each other’s, this couldn’t be possible. 

The level of trust that they have in others is coming from the trust they have in themselves because they are functioning as Co-Creators, as Causes of their lives, creating together with Source, from the core of their beingness.

The path of Divine Grace is the path that you choose to walk with trust, knowing that the destination is the one which your soul desires the most.
Walk in trust.

Be Blessed!


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