Dear ones, I have written a few of my insights about the importance of taking responsibility for our lives, and about our beautiful but unique spiritual journeys.

We are living in a period where most of the social media platforms are used for spreading knowledge or experiences.
The downside of this is when people are giving advice from their lower self consciousness.

They have had bad experiences in the past, so they are advising from their wounded lower self point of view, those who are freshly awakening and ask questions.

Without integrating our experiences, without taking full responsibility for what we have allowed in our lives, without taking the lessons from those experiences and forgive those chapters, without acceptance, we will act unconsciously as victims. Giving advices from that angle is dangerous.

More people are waking up and they are searching for guidance, and you, the one that supposedly is awake have the responsibility to support those in search, from a place of unconditional love.

It is important to understand that our souls chose to learn different things through different methods; our souls chose to transcend different patterns stored in our lower mind in different ways, and each one of us has a unique path to walk. Yes, our goal is common, to reunite with God and to anchor his divine aspects in our physical reality, but we don’t need to do it in the same way.

No other advice is better than, “Connect with your feelings, your heart, ask assistance from the Divine, listen and trust your inner guidance.”

It is therapeutic to share our experiences, especially those that are not so pleasant, and some, feel guided to share them on their online platforms; if you are doing this, it is good to do it from a place of acceptance, sharing the wisdom you have gained, without spreading fear or insights that are separating even more the human consciousness.

We all are choosing to believe in different things knowing that there is only one truth, LOVE.

By assuming self-responsibility, we discover that no one has power over us, so, our inspiration will be shared from a place of inner growth. We will remind them, that if someone hurt us from the outside, it has always been a mirror of how we have treated ourselves, and that we attracted that hurting through others to notice that we hurt ourselves.

Of all aspects that need positive change in the healing of human personality, nothing is more important than the increase of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

Now it’s a period, like never before, to heal, let go, forgive, and embrace our full potential which is our Divine God Self.
The ascension path is an ongoing process. It does not happen in one breath.

In one breath we can fully realize that we are God, but this must be grounded in this physical plane.

Spread the message of kindness, of goodness, of beauty, purity and grace, because our essence embodies these aspects.

Be blessed.


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