The potential of our physical body is not something to be ignored or underestimated. It’s your Divine Legacy!
Be conscious of its majesty and treat it with respect. The physical body is the part of the self that functions here on earth.
This vehicle only performs as we nurture it. Healthy organic food, clean water, clean fresh air, physical exercises, love, are all needed for a healthy physical body. Very often we take the physical body for granted, not acknowledging how divine and wise truly is.

The physical body is a mirror of the state of operating of your other four bodies; the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual body. No matter how many solutions you are searching from the outside, you can have a perfectly healthy physical body only when your four-body system is aligned and harmonized. 

The key to living a long, happy, healthy life resides deep within yourself. Using only effects for any type of treatment will only treat effects, but the root/cause will still remain until it is addressed.  

When we truly learn to balance and purify the mental, emotional, etheric body, we start allowing our souls to descend into our physical vessels because we are creating an environment where the soul can reside and feel comfortable

The soul is an eternal spark of God, and God equals perfection, beauty, eternity, love, purity, etc., therefore, those qualities will be anchored into the physical vessel. 

Ever since the c.ovid story started, people are programmed to use as many chemicals possible on their hands, their bodies, suffocating themselves for a “good cause”, or injecting artificial substances that block the evolution of their consciousness by reprogramming the DNA artificially, and many are choosing to accept this as solutions for their lives because they want to go bring back an old timeline of suppression because this is all they knew.

 At the same time, many are awakening, taking their power back, searching for organic alternatives for living a simple peaceful life, asking assistance from the Divine. 

We are living in two different worlds at the same time, and no matter how chaotic everything seems right now, don’t give your power, your potential away, don’t give up. This is what has pushed us to live separated from Source for so long.

Continue in creating your life full of divine qualities because you are a Creator and your Divine Will is a gift from God. Our future depends on what timeline we feed as a collective.

Choose the organic timeline of love and freedom. 

Much Love,