We chose to live in a period of transition from black to white, from separation to oneness, from matter to spirit. This transition is a major shift that started to be integrated in 1987. Can you feel the change? Are you open to it?

Mother Earth and this part of this galaxy started to vibrate at a higher level, at a more accelerated rate, because of Gaia’s wish to Ascend into a higher octave. This has created a passage for Earth and humanity to step into the fourth dimension and above. 

Until very recently, humanity and the Earth were not enough spiritually developed to receive high vibration light codes from Source.

In the past there was not sufficient light on the Earth; she and humanity were vibrating at a too low rate so the Light from the Source could only reflect a bit onto the planet.

According to Brian Grattan’s wisdom, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence on August 15-16, 1987, humanity and Mother Earth started to be ready for spiritual adulthood. We started to be open to growth and to leave behind the adolescent state; we opened to an intense new level of existence and we started to become aware of other levels of consciousness.

Spiritual maturity can be compared to a person’s physical evolution of when a person becomes an adult. When we become adults, we begin to act with more responsibility and most of our focus and energy is going towards building a foundation that will exist until the end of our lives. 

We start to be self-empowered, more aware, more realistic about who we are and what we like doing, more focused on how to bettering our lives, letting go of unnecessary dramas. Collectively, this is what is happening right now.

 The Harmonic Convergence was the starting point of a New Era, the Golden Era of awareness and spirituality. Collectively, humanity and Gaia asked for support and guidance to discover and learn new ways of living in harmony with each other. 

With this intention set, the inner transformations started. Every aspect of our beingness, micro or macro started to change and will continue to change until our Ascension. 

The way I feel and see this immense collective transformation is like a birth of a new generation of conscious spiritual beings. The gestation process is an uncomfortable transformative development, in which the new mother has to adapt to the daily changes she is experiencing in her body. Then comes the birth, where she goes through intense pain and the only thing that makes her feel ready and powerful to give birth is the unconditional love she has for her unborn baby. After the birth, when her eyes met the eyes of the baby, she knows that everything was worth it.

We know that everything that we are experiencing collectively right now is worth it; we know that the potential that we all have is beyond anything we were taught to believe about ourselves; we know that love is the key towards total freedom and peace; we all know deep within the core of our being that everything will work out for the bettering of all life on Earth and beyond.

Although we are still in the gestation period and patience is required now more than ever, we can still feel the love for our unborn baby and we can visualize him holding our hand. 

Even though we still have to integrate the uncomfortable, the daily transformations that seem endless, the situations that make us feel trapped, the wounds of separation, abandonment, unworthiness, or betrayal through the power of love and forgiveness, for us to be able to connect with the Source of Love from within, the result is very much worth it.

The inner healing practice is a process that must take place consciously in the consciousness of each person to be able to rise above the victim role and to step into his infinite potential. 

When a person has chosen to begin the process of healing deep wounds, he chooses to rewire the “collective mind” and the deeper he goes within himself, the deeper the healing is for him and the collective.

Although the healing process is a continuous inner transforming journey until his Ascension, his life is greatly improved after the dissolution of the heaviness he unconsciously was carrying. His heart is aligned to the heartbeat of Source, which makes him a focal point of where divine light and divine love are descending on Earth.

He becomes a causer, a creator of beauty, love, peace and joy, so he is supporting gently the rebirth of humanity to be tender, and less painful.

Choose to heal for yourself and all life on Earth and beyond.

Choose to forgive.

Choose to love.

Be blessed,