We live in a society where self-love is definitely not a priority. Humanity has been indoctrinated for thousands of years in letting their lives in the hands of the so-called leaders of the world, or in the hands of the priests, doctors, police officers without any reasoning thoughts of their own.

Now, more and more people are waking up, discovering the truth about how our history has been manipulated and how humanity has been oppressed to develop spiritually organically and truthfully, keeping us in the same karmic loop of suffering named by so many, an artificial timeline.

Joshua David Stone couldn’t say it better than in the following profound words he wrote in his book, Soul Psychology.

“The fall that the Bible refers to occurred when we, as individualized sparks of God, chose to come into matter. It wasn’t the coming into matter that caused the fall, it was the over-identification with the matter. It was that moment when we thought we were a physical body rather than a God being using a vessel. In thinking we were a physical body, then came the illusion of separation from God. Then came selfishness, greed, fear, death, as real. We have spent hundreds of incarnations caught in this deception.” 

Our capacities are beyond what we have been trained to know about ourselves. Our DNA is the language of the divine, and what we could have been achieving if our society was emphasizing the importance of Self-Love, or if we were taught and allowed to expand our consciousness, is a spiritual physical world full of joy, freedom and love.

What is Self-Love?

Self-empowerment and self-love are the foundation pillars of a healthy self-perception. Self-love starts with the knowledge that there are two ways of love in the world. Conditional Love and unconditional love. Conditional love is self-centered love, and unconditional love is spiritual love. 

The first main question we should ask ourselves is whether we love ourselves unconditionally or conditionally. 

Unconditional self-love is founded on the knowledge that we are perfect; we are lovable, desirable, beautiful and majestic because we are part of God’s infinite consciousness which is eternal love.  If we think we are less than that, we think that God is less than love too. In different words, our majesty, our perfection is spiritual legacy.

If you think lower than this, then your ego interferes. The 3D ego-self say that you deserve to be loved only if you accomplish certain conditions. You have to have a perfect physical body, you must have a college degree, you have to have money, be in a high social environment, be successful, and so on. All these things are great to be accomplished but they don’t have anything to do with self-love.

Your unconditional self-love comes from knowing how majestic and divine you truly are as a soul essence, not what you do. Your soul is always majestic, perfect, love, light, pure.

When we love ourselves unconditionally, we open to receive God’s unconditional love, support, and guidance. The love of Source is like a sun, always shinning. We have the free will to open ourselves to receive cosmic love anytime.

Our true identity is Divine Love. It is only the ego’s artificial interpretation of you that makes you feel unworthy or not loved.
When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are in alignment with the heartbeat of the Source, therefore every act we make is guided by the Divine. 

The goal is to offer yourself unconditional love first and to allow God’s love to flow to you without blocking it unconsciously, so you might experience life feeling totally loved, empowered and complete before you meet other people.

Because our consciousness is expanding when we are allowing the love of God to flow to us, we are able to see, feel, know the truth, absorbing the cosmic wisdom. Our choices will be based on our inner guidance and nobody other than our souls will be in the position to choose the day of tomorrow.

The mindset of a self-mastered person is to form a right relationship to themselves and to God first. Then he can exist in his life as a whole, complete independent person. This is one of the most beautiful accomplishments of the ascension path.

The lack of self-love is when you seek love, permission, acceptance from other people or from society. This is dissolving the freedom of choice that you have and your uniqueness, by conforming to the requirements of others who might not have your best interests. Society, other people are becoming the cause of your reality and your faith is in their hands.
The lack of self-love is when you obey without using your reasoning mind or your intuition for thinking for yourself. 
The lack of self-love is when you follow the outer world unhealthy requirements without asking questions.
The lack of self-love is when you are disconnected from the infinite stream of love from within your heart.
The people who don’t have unconditional self-love within themselves, end up seeking it outside of themselves because love is a survival demand.

Love yourself! It is the most beautiful gift you can offer to yourself and to the world.

Be blessed,