Many of us asked at least one time, what is the purpose of life or why the reality on Earth is full of suffering and discord? 

Why the human beings have forgotten the true purpose of life and why in their eyes God’s great light shine less and less?

Our reality was shaped artificially for thousands of years with the purpose for benefit only a few, and more and more people are waking up, starting to integrate the truth. 

They managed to shape and manipulate our reality by keeping us in a lope of suffering, wars and fights. Once the vibration has dropped, all life on earth began to lower its vibration in a 3D state of consciousness. The third dimension is a realm focused on the physical surviving; in this reality what matter is what we are able to see, taste or touch.

Our souls are living in a state of Christ Consciousness which is a realm of pure love, above our 3D personality. The soul and the 3D physical body is linked through a silver cord.

The soul can be seen as a sphere of energy. It is an eternal focal point from where the Monad, your I Am Presence, which is your eternal essence, is pouring its wisdom. The I AM Presence is your original blueprint; the I AM Presence is always connected to the Infinite Source of Love and is existing forever. 

Whenever you channel through your heart, feelings of peace, joy, gratitude, love, the cord between your soul and your 3D vessel is widening, and the connection to your soul is stronger. Your decisions, actions, experiences are in alignment with your soul, which means that you choose to exist on the organic timeline of the Universe where everything just IS, where the karmic cycles are closed, and suffering, disease or separation are not existing.

On the other side, because our souls are spheres of love and they can “understand” realities only from that vibration up, whenever we are acting negatively, the cord between the soul and the physical body is becoming thinner.

When this is happening, there is a lack of energy in one of our four-body. When we lack energy, mentally, emotionally or physically we are sick. Living in sickness is pushing the soul even further from the body because that is a totally different environment for him than the one in which he exists. 

We can embody our souls only when our 3D Self is vibrating at the same rate as the soul which is unconditional love.

When a person is experiencing traumatic events, that ball of love is splitting.

When those pieces of the soul are separated, up to 8 angels are in charge to take care of them. Nothing is lost, but the effects can be felt immediately.

Some of the effects are deep sadness, losing motivation instantly, or anger.
The people that are causing suffering to others are those who suffered the most. They are completely disconnected from their soul and because they were not informed about the sickness in their aura, they just continue on that path of self-destruction.

In situations when you experienced traumatic events it is extremely important to have a clairvoyant energy healer that you trust and that can clean, heal your aura, and restore the soul parts. It is taking up to three days for the cracks in the aura to be completely healed and in those 3 days, wrong decisions can be made that are creating other karmic loops.

We are more complex than what we have been taught to believe and when we get to know more about the complexity of our beingness, we have the power to attract solutions when we found ourselves in difficult situations. 

When we are not informed, we are not focus to search for solutions because we don’t know that a problem exists. 

The intent behind this article is to emphasize the importance of having a clean and healed aura, a high vibration, and to take care of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Much love,


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